FocusED 2018 | Issue 1 - Compiled by Shana Schlabach, UniFocus - In looking at the industry as a whole, and then at each of the two main segments depicted, Disengagement increased over the last three years at a time when the industry performance from a revenue and revenue per available room point of view, was improving. One would expect an opposite trend. Only in the limited service segment did Engaged Staff increase, but not as much as Disengaged.

If these numbers continue, this can be costly, especially as  %  unemployment decreases and committed staff will be harder to find. Further, lack of engagement bodes poorly for the customer’s service experience. This data should raise concern and hopefully focus the industry on ways to establish and maintain high levels of engagement.

Industry Revenue


All Properties


Limited Service


Full Service

*Compiled by Shana Schlabach from UniFocus surveys of over 56,000 employees in both full- and limited-service hotels.