Maintenance Notification:

UniFocus IT team will be doing Scheduled Network Maintenance:
            Saturday August 19th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Central Time
During this 1 hour window some of our applications and services may be slow or inaccessible for short 5-10 min periods of time.
All services are expected to be fully operation by 7:00pm Central time.
All time clock punches will be stored locally and uploaded when services are restored.
Work being performed:
•       This is a repeat of previous weeks work to upgrade our core network switch infrastructure.
•       Additional steps have been taken to limit impact on existing network infrastructure during maintenance window
Possible Issues:
•       Short periods of slow performance while core network reconfigures itself to include upgraded infrastructure
Rollback Plan:
•       All configurations are backed up prior to beginning of maintenance windows.
•       If we approach the outage limit window, we will then choose to roll back configurations to current state.