Maintenance Notification:

UniFocus IT team will be doing Scheduled Saturday System Maintenance:

            Saturday January 21th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Central Time

During this 2 hour window some services may experience performance issues for 3-5 min periods.
All services are expected to be at full performance by 7:00pm Central time.
If any timeclocks experience issues, punches will be stored locally and uploaded when services are restored.

Work being performed:

  • System Updates to server infrastructure. 


  • Updates cause issues on servers / services

Rollback Plan:

  • All systems and configurations are backed up prior to beginning of maintenance windows.
  • Secondary systems will not be updated until primary systems are updated and stable.
  • Services can be moved to secondary systems if primary systems fail in any way.
  • Updated can be rolled back if any unrecoverable issues arise.