Maintenance Notification:


Wednesday May 16th 8:00pm

We will be restarting a load balanced cluster that may cause application access issues for about 5 min.



Saturday May 12th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm Central Time

The UniFocus IT team will be doing scheduled system Maintenance.


During this window some or all of our applications and services may be slow or inaccessible

All services are expected to be fully operational by end of maintenance window.

All time clock punches will be stored locally and uploaded when services are restored.


Work being performed:

  • Reconfiguration of Core Network Infrastructure

Possible Issues:

  • Periods with some or all systems inaccessible during the maintenance window

Rollback Plan:

  • All configurations are backed up prior to beginning of maintenance windows.
  • If unable to proceed, we will roll back to previous configurations