UniFocus History

Today, UniFocus is one of the most trusted names in total workforce performance integrating satisfaction measurement technology, labor and financial management applications, consulting services and business intelligence!

December 2014: UniFocus is SOC2 Certified

November 2014: Business Analytics Strengthed by Integrating IBM Intelligence

August 2014: “A+” BBB Rating Exhibits Commitment to Customers 

August 2014: UniFocus Achieves Ranking on Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies 2nd Year in a Row 

June 2014: Japanese added to Time Clock Multilingual Suite 

June 2014: STAFFScope New Enterprise-Level Employee Engagement Reporting Dashboard

May 2014: UniFocus Enhances Workforce Management Systems with 9x and creation of task based standards

April 2014: Integration with TripAdvisor Increases Online Guest Reviews 

October 2013: INC 5000 Recognition America's fastest growing privately owned company.

October 2013: Enhancement of  Labor Management Training including classroom setting, webinars and on line tutorials

April 2013: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Specialization 

March 2013: UniFocus incorporates customer comment sentiment and analytics into GUESTScope

September 2012: Launch of leadership training sessions nationwide

June 2012: Introduction of streamlined and innovative corporate dashboard reporting

April 2012: UniFocus expands compatibility with mobile applications for iPhones, Androids, iPad and Windows Mobile OS across Labor Management and Survey Solutions suite.

August 2011: UniFocus launches Time and Attendance Mobile applications

January 2011: Innovative Watson, R.M. LMS 9.0 released with dashboard analytics and Revenue at Risk opportunities

September 2010: GUESTScope application for iPad weeks from iPad introduction

March 2009: UniFocus reinvents time clock with smart touch screen

January 2008: Time and Attendance innovates employee engagement

August 2006: Banquet and Catering operations revolutionized with the first labor management system designed specifically for this market niche with acquisition of LaborSage

August 2004: Forward-thinking UniFocus development team leads to creation of web based labor management for industry

June 2002: UniFocus launches advanced meeting planner feedback system. Specifically designed to maximize business opportunities with relevant feedback

June 2001: Automated scheduling saves hours and simplifies manual schedule creation and adjustments.

December 2000: UniFocus acquires Telman Software, adding time and attendance, budgeting and financial management to its applications suite, significantly increasing the predictive nature and analysis of UniFocus software

December 1998: Survey Solutions suite expanded with UniFocus’ acquisition of Customer Survey Technologies (CST)

June 1998: UniFocus is formed, creating the first company to deliver the full array of management systems for the hospitality industry. The merger between The Heymann Group, Inc. and SQS offered a unique approach to hospitality and other service organizations to optimize productivity, employee engagement and link to customer satisfaction for improved profitability

April 1994: UniFocus releases Watson, R.M. LMS 3.0

August 1983: The Heymann Group, Inc. is formed to provide hospitality productivity consulting. The company pioneered the development of Labor Management System technology. Today, this is the premier LMS and scheduling system in the market

March 1977: Hotel Labor Management Consulting with Mark Heymann

To learn how UniFocus' innovative approach drives profits, please contact us at info@UniFocus.com or call 972-512-500.

An interview with Mark Heymann


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