UniFocus adds Japanese to Time Clock Multilingual Suite

UniFocus, the only industry Workforce Management leader with both SaaS systems linked to  a complete suite of survey solutions, is now complementing our workforce management software with multilingual smart time clocks available in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.  UniFocus will expand into German and Chinese soon.

UniFocus Multilingual Applications Available in over 100 Countries

Managing a global workforce is at your fingertips with multi-lingual workforce management applications powered by UniFocusUniFocus, the only industry leader with both SaaS Workforce Management systems and a complete suite of survey solutions, is pleased to announce our Labor Management system and Time and Attendance applications are now available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Japanese.  It is now easier than ever to span business across the globe in six continents or in your own backyard while supporting a diverse team in the language of their choice.

Cultivating Employee Engagement Drives Growth

Achieving employee satisfaction and retaining loyalty is a challenging balance.  When achieved the business rewards are substantial. An engaged employee leads to a satisfied customer, both of which are integral to a thriving business.

The Importance of Accurate Time and Attendance Tracking

Time is Money.  The Importance of Accurate Time and Attendance Tracking

Want one easy way to boost revenue, reduce labor costs and maximize employee productivity?

5 Tips to Save Greater than 5% in Labor Costs

Save >5% in Labor Costs 
  • Perfecting Labor Standards
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Proper Scheduling
  • Quick Response and Mobility
  • Real Time Dashboard Reporting
  • Automate Time and Attendance

UniFocus is the only global provider of integrated Workforce Management Solutions that includes employee attitude and guest satisfaction measurement.  UniFocus’ decades of experience quantifying the relationship between employee performance and guest perceptions provides clients with decreased labor costs, increased employee productivity, and improved client satisfaction.  

Experience superior performance with clear focus on improving top and bottom line objectives with UniFocus as a partner.


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