Employee Engagement

Best-in-class companies that make concerted efforts to drive employee engagement can expect to deliver consistently higher financial results and outperform their competitors.

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement significantly outperform those with out it, and conversely, high levels of disengagement can aversely impact operating income, revenue and share holder value.

The DNA of Workforce Management | An interview with Zachary Chertok of Nucleus Research

Benefits of a Workforce Management System include:

   * Increased Productivity

   * Better Labor Planning

   * More Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking

   * Significant Savings in both Time and Money

Secrets of Mystery Shopping

A customer’s point of view and perceived levels of service are critical to increasing profit in the Hospitality industry.  How can your team ensure customer expectations are being met all while achieving brand standards?

Labor Management in the Hospitality Industry Part I

How does the smart operator balance guest satisfaction against maximizing profits?  The largest controllable cost in most hospitality businesses is labor. Hoteliers have known this for decades and have incorporated many different processes, systems, and procedures to help manage these costs.   click on read more icon to download paper