Effectively Using Performance Management Systems

Effectively Using Performance Management Systems

October 4, 2012 from LODGING Magazine - by Mark Heymann - Performance management systems are really for performance measurement, or sometimes they are tools that are designed to help management improve performance.

Making the Most of Mystery Shopping 

July 2, 2012 from LODGING Magazine - by Mark Heymann - The mystery shopping industry has sometimes been surrounded by skepticism as its findings represent only a single guest experience at “a moment in time.” What the hotel industry should not be skeptical of is the importance of third-party obs

The Next Level of Labor

June 8, 2012 Hospitality Technology - Managing the workforce is a high priority for all industries, and labor is one of the top expenses on the balance sheet.

Using Technology to Take HR to the Next Level: Three Powerful Strategies 

May 2011 Workforce Management - Technology is everywhere, and evolving rapidly. From business intelligence to integration to social media, it is transforming the way HR functions, and delivering measurable value to organizations. But choosing the right technology can be daunting.

How to Increase Meetings and Events Business

April 2011  by Joan King, Sales and Marketing - In the hospitality industry, sales and marketing staff are under increased pressure to compete for – and retain – meeting and events business.