A Different Approach: "What if" there were no departments? 

August 2009  by Mark Heymann - In recent months we have been working with a variety of organizations to assess the staffing guidelines they have been using to run their operations for some length of time.

HITEC 2009UniFocus showcases online time clocks

Ideas V5i Forecasting seamlessly integrates with other property-management and central reservation systems.  Inncom continues to build on its energy-management platform, offering new thermostats and thermostat controller for aestheti

10 Ways to leverage labor

Automating key success factors creates a more productive hotel

Value Engineering: Not Just Cost Reduction 

The timing is right to do a top-to-bottom examination of the organization to not only keep costs in line but to realize the true value of other expenditures.

Just-in-Time Performance Measurement  

April 20, 2009  by Mark Heymann - Over 50 years ago, when Quality Assurance (QA) approaches and concepts were introduced to the  market, most work was done in the manufacturing sector.