An Engaging Technology for Re-Engaging Employees

It’s often tempting to neglect employee feedback in the hospitality and resort industry during uncertain market conditions. But contrary to conventional thinking, there has never been a better time to start this process than when marketing dollars are stretched thin and RevPAR is taking a slight dip.

Building Excellence with Engaged Training

As the result of dramatically improved business intelligence in the hospitality industry, training has taken on an entirely new meaning. The word itself has been liberated from its old use as a reference to skill-based hand-holding; now, training refers to creating knowledge-based excellence.

When the Market Gets Tough, It’s Time to Invest...Not Just Cut

With a focus on fixed overhead in this edition of FocusED, I was going to discuss performance measurements and how to determine if your undistributed costs were at the right level, given that most organizations have some rules of thumb, but those “benchmarks” have been around for many years.

Intrawest’s “Voice of the Customer” Initiative Drives Business Intelligence

Intrawest is a world leader in the development and operation of experiential destination resortsx that has captured the hearts of millions of guests.