Long-term healthcare facilities face various challenges ranging from budgeting concerns to high employee turnover.  When over 60 percent of your budget goes to paying your staff, employing automated systems to plan and schedule staffing efficiently enables the team's efforts to be focused on the quality and service levels clients demand. Historically, many healthcare facilities managed their labor by crafting staffing standards and scheduling based on the overall census of the facility because it was just easier to work with.   The problem with this method was it did not assist with scheduling the right person in the right place at the right time to meet established quality standards. 

UniFocus understands what it takes for your business to run smoothly, and the importance of a solid nursing and professional staff.  Our suite of products will provide you with the tools you need to help your facility improve and grow, ensuring happy residents, families, and employees.

UniFocus' Workforce Management and Survey Solutions tools will allow you to:

  • Manage pre-determined and regulated staffing ratios with demand based scheduling
  • Control cost of labor with a cloud-based, real-time reporting system
  • Control your budget and ensure profit
  • Create customizable reports to meet the unique needs of your facility and staff
  • Set weekly work hour maximums by individual employee for easy monitoring
  • Empower employees with easy to use mobile apps for anywhere, anytime scheduling and shift swapping
  • Gauge employee satisfaction, and understand how it relates to the overall environment and resident satisfaction
  • Comply with various state and federal regulations which enables easy compliance with the Federal Labor Standards Act and resident 80-hour work week

UniFocus does all of your workforce management heavy lifting to manage complex  ratios based on actual patient demand and not general census or budget information.  Our expert and responsive team is ready to help you make the changes which will allow your facility to evolve and flourish.  The end results would be better patient care, fewer overtime hours, and less reliance on agency staff, while at the same time ensuring the right person is scheduled in the right place at the right time.

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Labor Management System

  • Maximizes labor utilization for increased efficiency with reduced cost and waste
  • Establishes competitive service levels and operational performance standards
  • Automates hospitality operations labor scheduling
  • Manage and monitor complex regulatory and labor contract work rules
  • Improves labor efficiency across all departments in the property


  • Ensures consistent and competitive guest service delivery
  • Provides accurate and timely response to all guest feedback
  • Comprehensive, real-time alerts and reporting, facilitating effective corrective actions and shortened recovery time
  • Intuitive multi-property analytics, combined with performance ranking and trending, show how well your properties are performing down to the most minute detail

Time & Attendance

  • Pre-bid fixed shifts with variable scheduling for peak, normal and splits
  • Eliminates lunch break penalties
  • Mobile applications allow "e-blast" to pick up shifts, manage call-ins and late staff
  • Employees can review schedules, request time off and swap shifts from their iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or Windows Smart Phone
  • Innovative smart clocks with punch control

To learn how UniFocus' innovative approach drives profits, please contact us at info@UniFocus.com or call 972-512-500.

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