The retail industry, more than any other industry, is competing across market segments in both the digital age and with brick and mortar in trying to assure customers visit stores and compliment it with online shopping. A customer’s overall experience and ultimate satisfaction holds even more weight than before to maintain a competitive advantage.  Customer satisfaction is no longer gauged by a simple survey.  Our suite of solutions help you maximize your most important and costly asset, your employees. UniFocus solutions offer the unique ability to correlate relevant customer feedback with performance productivity, increasing your store's ability to improve business profit.

A great customer experience comes from managers and employees being on the floor delivering your company’s brand promise, and making sure customers find what they are looking for while being ready to answer any questions the customer may have.  Our tools will allow managers the freedom to get out of the office, and minimize the lengthy task of stressing over schedules and budgets.

UniFocus’ workforce management tools provide managers with easy on demand scheduling, mobile time and attendance for employees, accurate analytics, forecasting, and trending to help meet your organizational strategic goals. Daily operations are now easier for your team. Easily track sales volume and expenses at the corporate, regional and divisional levels, all while helping your company’s bottom line.

Our easy to use mobile apps fit hand in hand with the industry’s shift to the “bring your own device” (BYOD) mentality providing employees and managers with easy usability and accessibility.

UniFocus' Workforce Management tools will provide your organization the ability to:

  • Utilize easy, on demand scheduling based on business volumes
  • Empower employees with easy to use mobile apps
  • Control labor costs  with a cloud-based, real-time reporting system
  • Compare adjusted rolling budgets to real-time actual revenue and expense
  • Create customizable reports to meet the unique needs of your business and staff
  • Maximize employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and create a healthier bottom line for your business
  • Find hidden revenue opportunities across your portfolio with financial reporting
  • Perfect standards and improve operations

UniFocus’ survey solutions tools deliver actionable reporting, providing your stores insight into customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and outline the relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction with the help of our GUESTScope and STAFFScope surveys.

UniFocus' Survey Solutions tools will empower your business to:

  • Measure employee satisfaction, and understand how it correlates to overall customer satisfaction
  • Understand every facet of customer loyalty and satisfaction, enabling a better plan to drive the greatest ROI
  • Expand insights into your company’s customer experience with the help of certified mystery evaluators

Engaged employees significantly improve your customer's experience and achievement of brand standards exceeding expectations.

UniFocus’ suite of products are specifically designed to be a solid foundation for improving workforce management and cost reduction, boosting floor time for managers, and increasing customer intent to return and recommend. Our expert team is ready to help and ready to become your company’s trusted advisors.

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Labor Management System

  • Maximizes labor utilization for increased efficiency with reduced cost and waste
  • Establishes competitive service levels and operational performance standards
  • Automates hospitality operations labor scheduling
  • Manage and monitor complex regulatory and labor contract work rules
  • Improves labor efficiency across all departments in the property


  • Ensures consistent and competitive guest service delivery
  • Provides accurate and timely response to all guest feedback
  • Comprehensive, real-time alerts and reporting, facilitating corrective actions and shortened recovery time
  • Intuitive multi-property analytics, combined with performance rankings and trending, show how well your hotels are performing down to the most minute detail

Time & Attendance

  • Pre-bid fixed shifts with variable scheduling for peak, normal and splits
  • Eliminates lunch break penalties
  • Mobile applications allow "e-blast" to pick up shifts, manage call-ins and late staff
  • Employees can review schedules, request time off and swap shifts from their iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or Windows Smart Phone
  • Innovative smart clocks with punch control


  • In-depth reporting that relates evaluation results to your "real" guests' perception
  • Experienced evaluators provide professional commentary, including photo images, to give you a 360 degree view of your service delivery and staff performance
  • Features and highlights all missed opportunities to "WOW" your guests, exceed their expectations and make lasting positive impressions
  • Dynamic reporting facilitates action plans for improvement that will complement and enhance your efforts to drive guest loyalty
  • Measure and trend improvements over time, and compare to industry benchmark performance


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