5 Tips to Save Greater than 5% in Labor Costs
Save >5% in Labor Costs 
  • Perfecting Labor Standards
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Proper Scheduling
  • Quick Response and Mobility
  • Real Time Dashboard Reporting
  • Automate Time and Attendance


1. Perfecting Labor Standards

Precise labor standards create the right balance between cost and quality, thereby delivering optimum value for your brand.  Standards that are too high increase operational costs, while having standards that are too low undercut quality and decrease value. Perfecting the right labor standards assures your ability to deliver the price/value equation to every touch point of your customer’s experience, while meeting demands.

2. Accurate Forecasting

Accurate forecasting and proper scheduling are the foundations for operational success.   Improving forecast accuracy avoids risks and helps your company meet its goals.   Refined forecasts support cost efficient delivery on your brand promise. Continual fine tuning of the forecast, paired with the ability of your managers to edit the final forecast, ensure full accountability while meeting or exceeding your service levels.

3. Proper Scheduling

Demand is constantly changing.  When labor is over scheduled, costs soar. When your team is short staffed, customer service suffers.  The key is to ensure your business has the right staffing in the right place at the right time, bringing balance to labor costs and guest satisfaction.  Advanced scheduling capabilities account for your varying demand generators, ensuring optimal cost and service.

4. Quick Response and Mobility

To run a successful guest oriented business, managers need to know what is going on minute to minute and be able to quickly respond to changing demand.  Incorporating smart phone and tablet functionality access allows managers to work from the floor, while efficiently managing their team and cultivating customer relationships. Mobile systems provide the freedom for interaction with customers and employees.  The ability to quickly respond to changing conditions and your employee’s performance is essential to minimize wasted time and costs. 

5. Real Time Dashboard Reporting

Managing in a dynamic environment requires real time reporting.  Focusing time and money on solving the right problems relies on quick and easy access to live data for optimal performance and cost effective operations. 24/7 dashboard reporting enables confident decisions when it matters most.  By receiving real-time reporting, executives and management can collaborate and respond before small problems turn into major disasters, mitigating costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

BONUS | Automate Time and Attendance

Time is money, literally, when it comes to time and attendance. Turn your time and attendance system into a business manager. Often times, employees are the largest expense impacting both production and profitability.  Automated and accurate time keeping reduces overtime, avoids costly errors and compliance fees, improves productivity, eliminates time theft and cultivates a fair work environment, leading to more engaged employees. 

UniFocus can easily upgrade archaic software and time clocks, currently being utilized, to a 21st century time and attendance system; trained experts are here to help. To find out how your business can take control of labor costs and productivity, contact us today at 972-512-5000 or email us at info@UniFocus.com