Festiva Gets 90% Satisfaction Scores with UniFocus

Dallas, February 18, 2011 - UniFocus today announced that Festiva Hospitality Group, one of the most successful privately held vacation ownership companies in the country and celebrating its 10 year anniversary, is getting an approximate 90% satisfactory rating overall based on GUESTScope™ surveys from UniFocus. The rating was derived over a 12 month period with a sample size of over 13,000.

“We have been utilizing GUESTScope for 24 of our vacation ownership resorts with great success,” said Debbie Shroyer, Director of Customer Experience for Festiva Hospitality Group. Festiva prides itself on treating every guest as if they were family, and GUESTScope helps ensure we’re delivering memorable vacations that ‘wow’ our guests as well as increase their intent of returning and recommending our properties to others.

“Festiva has partnered with UniFocus since 2005,” continued Shroyer. “I believe GUESTScope is an essential component for ensuring our timeshare resorts provide the highest quality in comfort, service and luxury. We often share information from the surveys with owners and employees, which helps us maintain standards at individual resorts as well as throughout the company.”

The newest release of UniFocus’ GUESTScope embraces the latest technologies available for putting critical intelligence about guests at the fingertips of key management staff. GUESTScope also dramatically helps improve your service recovery success rate with more timely, effective feedback analytics and follow up.

“GUESTScope is a perfect fit for the vacation timeshare industry, with its dynamic and intuitive set of reporting technologies for bubbling up critical intelligence about your guests,” said Mark Heymann, President and CEO of UniFocus. “When you can relate critical issues to your guests’ intent to return and recommend, this knowledge enables you to quantify the dollar cost to your business and turn this into dramatically enhanced revenue.

“We are pleased about our long-standing partnership with Festiva Hospitality Group and look forward to working with them to keep getting those high guest satisfaction scores,” added Heymann.

UniFocus’ GUESTScope utilizes customized survey questions designed to distill the most important issues surrounding the customer experience and includes these competitive advantages:

  • Real-time alerts — Ensure that key staff members make faster and effective service recovery efforts.
  • At Risk Revenue — Convert guest response scores into significant dollars of otherwise lost revenue.
  • Problem Resolution — Quantify the revenue impact of a property’s problem resolution efforts.
  • Key Opportunity Reporting — Clearly identify the issues most highly correlated to customers’ intent to return and recommend.
  • Service Recovery Index — Easily ascertain how well the staff is resolving problems by type and the timeliness of response.
  • Issue Analysis Reporting — Put effective corrective actions into play per frequency and type of issue.
  • Communication Blog — for staff to document and share insights from the data.
  • Integrated Travel Site Monitor — Integrates your open-loop and closed-loop feedback

About Festiva Hospitality Group

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Festiva Hospitality Group manages and operates a dynamic collection of hotels and resorts in some of the most sought-after destinations throughout the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and Caribbean. Festiva Sailing Vacations, a Festiva company that operates the Festiva Cruise Club, charters all-inclusive luxury catamaran yachts in the Caribbean.

Festiva currently has more than 60,000 members among 26 vacation ownership resorts and five Festiva Cruise Club destinations. The number of members in the Festiva Adventure Club exceeds 20,000. For more information please visit www.festiva.travel.