PGA Shoots a Hole in One with UniFocus Labor Management Systems

PGA National Resort and Spa has selected workforce management solutions from UniFocus to more effectively manage its workforce, which will ultimately help the award winning resort achieve higher levels of customer service and profitability.PGA National selected the UniFocus Labor Management system based on their industry expertise and proven regression models for successfully forecasting, scheduling, planning, budgeting, and reporting.  UniFocus’ LMS analytics track labor-related expenses in real time helping to control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve productivity with accurate scheduling while reducing overtime.

“By partnering with UniFocus to create brand specific labor standards PGA will enhance our performance and guest satisfaction.  Replacing a manual process and upgrading to an automated system will enable our management teams to spend more time with our employees and guests.  Customers will not be underserved, and employees are less susceptible to burn-out,” comments Joel Paige. Vice President & Managing Director, PGA National Resort and Spa. “UniFocus will help PGA National achieve its business objectives of continually enhancing levels of customer service and profitability with their innovative solutions and expert training,” continues Paige.

Implementing this user friendly and functional software enables the resort’s employees to meet the refined standards across its property as well as offer sustainability, enabling a greater ROI.  The labor management system creates an effective predictability model without the cumbersome process of manual analysis of key metrics that leads to errors.  “UniFocus solutions have the ability to interface with our other systems. This collection of data produces proper performance-based schedules thus enhancing productivity and profit,” states Jason Bloom, Director of Finance, PGA National Resort and Spa.

“Using the forecasting and scheduling application from UniFocus, PGA National will be able to produce more precise volume driven schedules and plans based on jointly developed labor standards coupled with consideration of events, promotions, and tournaments. The UniFocus solution will enable our organization to better control scheduling, minimizing absences, which will positively impact labor costs, productivity, and customer service.” continues Bloom.

 “UniFocus brings over four decades of experience and has been partnering with the hospitality and service industry for all of it.   We look forward to a very productive partnership with this legendary resort.  Combining our years of labor management best practices with PGA National Resort and Spa’s championship facility is a winning combination,” says Mark Heymann, Chairman and CEO, UniFocus.

PGA National Resort & Spa is a national, premier golf vacation and meeting destination. The legendary 379-room Florida resort recently completed a $100 million comprehensive revitalization, including a new front entrance, outdoor pool and pavilion, chef-driven Ironwood Steak and Seafood, iBAR, Palm Terrace and BAR 91, as well as enhanced public areas, golf courses and landscaping. 


UniFocus is dedicated to providing the Hospitality, Service, Retail and Healthcare Industries with the most comprehensive Workforce Management systems and Financial Management tools available. Our Resource Management suite of hosted applications provides Budgeting, Revenue, Labor Management and Time & Attendance capabilities. Additionally, we offer a complete suite of guest and employee perception Survey Solutions, and mystery shopping evaluations. These products are focused on improving both top- and bottom-line performance, as well as the guest experience for our partners’ properties. All of our products and services are currently in use in over 100 countries worldwide.

UniFocus is an allied member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a member of the National Restaurant Association.    

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