Babson Executive Conference Center Maximizes Customer Experience with UniFocus Guest Satisfaction Survey

Babson Executive Conference Center (BECC) is escalating their guests’ experience with the help of UniFocus’ Survey Solutions.  With a diverse and wide-ranging customer base, BECC is committed to their brand promise of giving guests a meeting experience that defies ordinary, while delivering service that defines extraordinary.  GUESTScope provides the management teams at BECC the insight necessary to deliver their brand promise

“Flexibility to meet the needs of our customers is the biggest key,” says Chuck Currid, General Manager of Babson Executive Conference Center.  “We have the ability to personalize the experience for each of our guests’ meetings, and adjust to meet their individual preferences.  UniFocus’ unique expertise to corroborate the information the data bears to the perception of what customers think is invaluable.”

BECC’s  customer focus and flexible nature has allowed them to enjoy a high percentage of repeat groups, ranging from 30 to 40 percent, Currid says.  One of the key benefits of GUESTScope is the ability to customize the survey to fit the center’s brand and needs.  UniFocus’ thorough reporting provides expanded insight into why a guest has rated a question accordingly.

Valuable features to the GUESTScope system, such as the ability to customize questions, to deliver surveys via QR code, and the dashboard reporting, were deciding factors in BECC’s choice, Currid explains.  BECC was seeking to improve upon the data being captured, and plan and track results by management. For example, “Is everything working in the room?” A simple yes or no response determines the factual answer, but without supporting information, there isn’t intelligence available to take action on.  Customization of the survey by UniFocus secures explanations helping the center understand which products and services meet or excel their guest’s expectations and where satisfaction is at risk and could be improved, Currid continues.

Currid’s team values the features GUESTScope provides, but also appreciates the partnership between BECC and UniFocus, he says.  “UniFocus feels like a partner, not a third party. It’s a great relationship as opposed to being one of the masses,” Currid comments. “We have individual, personalized service that isn’t cookie cutter.”

BECC’s mission is to ensure their teams will have a daily pulse on what the customers are thinking, and communicate this information well to their 23 managers, all to support operational improvement, as well as to serve as a training and motivational tool, Currid explains. 

“We have monthly staff meetings, and we share the survey comments. We mention the employees that are named in the feedback which accentuates the positive for those employees,” Currid states.  “In addition, each time a guest mentions an employee’s name positively, we write out a card from the leadership team, and send out the personalized note.  The employee is also entered to receive a day off with pay at the end of the month.”

Another strategic asset is the clear understanding of which products and/or services can be improved or offered, to exceed customers’ expectations, Currid expresses. “The insight allows our teams to build upon our strengths and effectively improve upon an opportunity,” he adds.

“UniFocus’ GUESTScope utilizes customized survey questions which have been designed to distill the most important issues surrounding the customer experience.  We are pleased to partner with Mr. Currid and his team on our innovative and intuitive solutions, providing the Babson Executive Conference Center with statistically reliable and actionable feedback, ensuring BECC has the insights necessary to drive improvements that matter to guests--all to drive loyalty at every opportunity. Our system helps ensure the most effective actions are taken to keep revenue from walking out the door,” says Joan King, Managing Director, Survey Solutions.

BECC is counting on UniFocus to be a trusted advisor to inform the team on what needs to be done to improve guest satisfaction, and to prioritize tasks that will impact the perception, says Currid.

Babson Executive Conference Center (BECC), on the campus of Babson College, is consistently ranked among the world’s finest conference centers. With 22,500 square feet of meeting space and 37 International Association of Conference Centers-approved meeting rooms, BECC has the space and experience to help clients achieve their meeting objectives and requirements. The center’s features include: four amphitheaters, 19 breakout rooms with computers and flat screen display, and 211 guest rooms. For more information, visit:

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