Multi-Lingual Technology Saves Time and Money

Chances are your company will be committed to their Time and Attendance system for a few years, meaning the system your business chooses needs to be easy to use and technologically up-to-date.  It is crucial to use a time clock you can trust, and one that makes both your managers and employees lives simpler by ensuring accuracy and thoroughness.  UniFocus’ innovative biometric, touch screen Smart Time Clock guarantees correct reporting, and saves your team time and money.  Our easy-to-use, intuitive system will help your staff stay right on time.

The interactive functionality in multiple languages, and the dependability of the biometric readers, delivers labor cost reductions and improves employee productivity. UniFocus has partners in over 100 countries worldwide and is dedicated to assuring the privacy of all data with TRUSTe Swiss and EU Safe Harbor certification.  Each pay period more than ¼ million employees are scheduled weekly by over 9,000 managers globally.

Key Benefits of UniFocus’ Smart Time Clock:

  • Simplify Scheduling
  • Minimize overtime
  • Optimize productivity with real-time visibility and mobile application
  • Control and reduce operating costs with proactive overtime management
  • Ensure payroll accuracy and avoid costly compliance fees by minimizing errors with automated recording
  • Improve employee engagement with easy-to-use online communication portal and mobile application
  • Satisfy client demand and improve service quality with accurate scheduling
  • Multiple verification types: fingerprint unit, magnetic swipe, or pin code
  • Desktop or easily mounted (hardware included)
  • Up-to-date software technology that can operate with all work rule requirements (i.e., lockouts, grace period, tip reporting, punch warnings)
  • Available to employees in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish and Japanese.   Chinese and German coming soon.
  • Customization and flexibility to meet unique business needs

Accurately tracking employee time cuts down on operating expense.  Providing an employee a language of choice will improve their end user experience and morale, translating to increased customer satisfaction.  Clocking in and out in the language of their selection helps each and every employee feel appreciated. Engaged employees are more satisfied in the workplace.

UniFocus is the simple secret to better productivity.  Simplify the scheduling process, reduce labor costs, and maximize productivity.  Multi-lingual software and hardware will empower you and your teams with the productivity tools and business knowledge to sustain a competitive advantage and succeed in your market segment.  

  • "The feedback provided by SERVICEScope has allowed our Leadership team to examine the most fundamental portions of our best practices and refine how our levels of service can continue to set us apart from our competition. The feedback is detailed, thorough, and consistent through the organization."
    - Ian Dailey, Director of Organizational Development of Canyons Resort

  • "The team at UniFocus clearly values relationships and customer service is a priority. With UniFocus' online guest satisfaction surveys, Skytop now has the ability to customize tracking and trend reporting. Management gains the ability to view key opportunities necessary to maximize our customer experience across services, property improvements to consider and the product updates and launches our guests are wanting."  
    Cara Federici, Director of Sales & Marketing with Skytop Lodge
  • "Our team is looking forward to the feedback so we can improve the overall guest experience. UniFocus' product allows us to identify by villa, service, party and program allowing us to easily identify trends." 
    Mitch Goldberg, Vice President of Operations, GKTW
  • "UniFocus will help PGA National achieve its business objectives of continually enhancing levels of customer service and profitability with their innovative solutions and expert training. By partnering with UniFocus to create brand specific labor standards PGA will enhance our performance and guest satisfaction."  
    - Joel Paige, Vice President & Managing Director, PGA National Resort and Spa
  • "UniFocus' LMS provides all the flexibility and functionality that allows us to ensure that the Center Of Operational Effectiveness' work on developing comprehensive, optimized and effective standards across our properties worldwide is reflected in the technology. We are also excited by the comprehensive analytics, available to all users, in the LMS Dashboard...what a powerful capability." 
    - Michael Escalante, Vice President, Global Center for Operational Excellence of Hilton Worldwide

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