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There’s never a bad time to learn more about managing your biggest and most complex asset! Whether you have managers coming back from furloughs or you've hired new managers, UniFocus is here to help you get your teams trained in best practices in Labor Management, Time & Attendance and the systems that make them happen for you.

There are EIGHT free courses available twice per month June through August. Each course is less than 2 hours and open to all UniFocus partners' users. We will be using the newest RMS version, giving you a chance to be up on the latest of your UniFocus Labor Management and Time & Attendance tools.


Labor Management, Time & Attendance (RMS 10) and Survey Solutions classes

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Time and Attendance for Managers

Best for: Managers and multi-unit operators

Our Time and Attendance tools make sure you are paying your teams accurately. You’ll learn the tools and reports at your fingertips to make every step of that process easier.

Key concepts:

  • Scheduling
  • Tracking and adjusting as you go
  • Reporting
  • UniFocus Time Clock

For new managers: 2 hours   register_here_button_teal

Refresher: 1 hour   register_here_button_teal


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Labor Forecasting for Success 

(FKA Labor Management System Forecasting)

Class length: 1 hour
Best for: Managers and multi-unit operators

The changing landscape brought on by the pandemic can make forecasting feel impossible. This course sets you up to forecast with confidence to set your business up for success.

Key concepts:

  • Forecasting methodology
  • Planning for the unplanned
  • Inputs and anomalies





Labor Budgeting

Class length: 2 hours
Best for: LMS Administrators

Working to meet or beat the budget is only an achievable goal when you have a realistic budget. Learn how to write a labor budget and set your team up to win.

Key concepts:

  • Writing a labor budget
  • Using the UniFocus Labor Budgeting module



Optimized Labor Scheduling 

(FKA Labor Management System Scheduling)

Best for: GMs and department managers

Managing labor effectively starts with a great schedule. This course is a deep dive on using UniFocus tools for effective scheduling.

Key concepts:

  • Applying the principles of labor management
  • Daily and weekly best practices
  • Writing schedules as a team

For new managers: 2 hours  register_here_button_teal

Refresher: 1 hour  register_here_button_teal


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Labor Analytics 

Class length: 1.5 hour
Best for: Managers and multi-unit operators

Learn how to set yourself up for success by getting the information you need to make better business decisions quicker. Our latest updates allow the most customization yet - see the information you need, when you need it, and filter out the information you don’t.

Key concepts:

  • UniFocus Manager Portal and Labor Management Dashboard
  • System reports
  • Custom notifications and reports




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Labor Survey Solutions: Driving Intent to Recommend

Class length: 2 hours
Best for: Marketing users, managers and multi-unit operators

We all know the importance of reviews and recommendations in the hospitality industry! This course takes you from theory to getting reviews that make an impact.

Key concepts:

  • Recommendation/survey theory and strategies
  • Survey tools
  • Getting guest recommendations and reviews



Need more information or have questions? Send an email to university@unifocus.com