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Gratitude Digital Tipping


Attract and retain top talent in a cashless world by giving guests the ability to tip hotel staff securely from their mobile devices.

No app necessary. 

Gratitude is the only fully integrated digital tipping solution that accurately and seamlessly distributes tips to the right people.

One System

Tips are automatically directed to the right people within one seamless workforce management system.

Day Pay

Managers can put earned wages into employees hands sooner with instant pay capabilities.

White Labeled

Customize the tipping experience to give guests the feeling of security and consistency.


Seamless Tipping

One Simple Solution

Intelligent QR Codes at multiple touch points at your property inspire guests to express their gratitude to your hotel staff by leaving tips.

With Gratitude's native digital tipping integration with task assignments, schedules and payroll, tips automatically flow to the right employees.

No App Necessary

Scan and Tip

Guests scan the customized QR code and easily leave tips for housekeepers, valet staff and other under tipped employees. Customized to your hotel, a cohesive brand experience adds a sense of security and confidence that their tips will make it to the right people. 


Modern Payment

Digital Wallet Integration

Gratitude allows guests to make quick & simple transactions using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and G Pay. Because 50% of travelers don't carry cash, offering guests the ability to tip digitally is a necessity in today's world.

Immediate Feedback

Pulse Surveys

Connected with the UniFocus survey system, collect quick feedback to help give kudos and make quick service adjustments.


Ready to help your employees earn more tips?

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