Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Successful hotel properties optimize operations to enhance profitability. Returning guests result in lower customer acquisition costs and greater asset value. Labor perfectly synchronized with business demand increases profitability and ROI.



Our clients say it best...



UniFocus brings a wealth of expertise and business knowledge to any establishment, helping leadership develop a laser-sharp focus on optimizing workforce scheduling and utilization for a more profitable restaurant.

Healthcare and Assisted Living

Long-term healthcare facilities face various challenges ranging from budgeting concerns to high employee turnover.  When over 60 percent of the budget goes to paying staff, accurate and easy to read reporting is essential.



Perfecting the customer experience and accurately scheduling employees to meet demand is essential in managing a retail store.  UniFocus’ survey solutions and workforce management tools aid in bridging the gap between customer and employee satisfaction to drive profits, and keep budgets in line with thorough and accurate reporting.


Family Entertainment & Theme Parks

UniFocus' advanced survey technology provides clear understanding of every facet of customer and employee loyalty and satisfaction. This helps organizations meet the strict venue selection criteria of any guest efficiently and profitably.


Valet Parking

Making sure employees are in the right place at the right time boosts customer satisfaction by decreasing wait time and ensuring all valet operations are running smoothly.  UniFocus’ suite of solutions accurately schedules staff and measures guest perceptions, ultimately improving business.


Casinos & Gaming

In today’s high stakes competitive casino business, where consumers have more choices and operators face unique workforce challenges, UniFocus enables casino management to maximize profitability while providing guests with superlative service that builds life-long customers.


Other Service Industries

UniFocus' Time & Attendance provides real-time punch control resulting in significant cost savings and greatly reduces missed punches.  With seamless integration to our intuitive labor management system, management enjoys effective,  usable  knowledge  about the workforce  in  seconds—with  24/7  online access.