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Employee Engagement

Realtime insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your guests' and employees' experiences with our cutting-edge survey solutions. Whether it's capturing guest satisfaction after a stay at your hotel or gauging employee engagement and satisfaction, our surveys provide valuable insights that can help you make data-driven decisions.

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Shine with Employee and Guest Engagement

The sky’ is the limit with engaged employees and happy customers. 

Pulse Surveys

Convert The Guest Experience To An Improved Bottom Line

With easy-to-use interfaces and customizable templates, our surveys make it simple to get the information you need. And with real-time reporting and analysis, you can quickly identify areas for improvement and take action to enhance the experiences of your guests and employees.

  • Understand data instantly with a dynamic, at-a-glance dashboard of all survey results.
  • Prioritize actions based on the critical ranking of key opportunities
  • Speed guest recovery with instant Customer at Risk email notifications that are compatible with any mobile device
  • Comprehend competitive positioning and the price/value equation

Employee Experience

Attract and retain top talent by understanding what drives employee engagement.

Engaged employees lead directly to satisfied customers, closing the loop on workforce optimization. Ours is the unique employee survey solution to provide a comprehensive view of your workers’ performance and perceptions, prioritizing issues based on ROI and identifying problems before they become systemic.

  • Easily understand the driving forces behind a more engaged staff
  • Reduce turnover by quickly targeting key issues that impact staff attitudes
  • Drill down quickly at organizational, property, and departmental levels



Meeting Insights

Close more business when everyone’s on the same page.

MEETINGScope provides depth to every meeting, impact to each granular detail, and clarity that breeds efficiency and success. Our innovative meeting survey solution utilizes personalized feedback to manage relationships and communication, breeding success for all parties involved.

  • Identify hot buttons to understand meeting planners’ needs better and close more business
  • Report on key opportunities that impact the intent to return and recommend
  • Gain cross-selling opportunities with Meeting Planner Profile, which houses all historical data and information specific to event contacts and meeting planners
  • Enhance engagement with multi-language support
  • Recognize performance and trending, specific to market segments and type of event
“Our decision to implement Unifocus in all hotels in our portfolio was simple–we saw significant productivity improvements in properties using Unifocus over those not using the system. Additionally, Unifocus brings a unique skill set to help us achieve even better results long-term.”
–Tom Healy, COO and Executive Vice President of Asset Management at DiamondRock Hospitality

A full suite of solutions

We bring together world-class tools and robust integrations to simplify your operations and drive efficiency.
Our workflows and algorithms are based on 30+ years of experience.

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We do our best to make service operations as simple as possible.
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