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Looking for a smart workforce solution?

In the service industries, your workforce is the key to delivering the experience your customer expects – and probably your biggest cost. You need to schedule staff efficiently, without sacrificing service. Many labor management solutions can simplify scheduling, but don’t help your managers optimize labor performance.

UniFocus delivers smart labor management tools that put the power of AI and automation in your business. Accurate forecasts trigger automated optimized schedules, saving hours of planning time. Real-time data helps you keep labor budgets in line and stay in compliance with all work rules.

Robust mobile tools mean managers stay on the floor engaging staff and guests. And your team is connected to manage their schedules, communicating easily with their managers.

Employee engagement is critical to optimizing labor performance, and UniFocus helps you understand staff attitudes. We can also help you measure customer satisfaction, ensuring your labor optimization efforts result in a team that operates both efficiently and more effectively.

Contact our sales team and be on the road to an optimized workforce today!