Manage punches and
payments all in one place

Gain real-time visibility on who’s clocked in. Stay in compliance and manage attendance on-the-go. Go mobile with team messaging, scheduling, and payments. Run payroll with ease.

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Attendance Tracking

We make attendance tracking easy and accurate.
Track attendance and stay in compliance. Manage attendance tracking, scheduling, and payments all in one place. We keep track of a lot of details so you can focus on the business and provide great service.
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Seamless Experience

  • Track attendance through mobile apps, biometrics, cameras, or swipe cards.
  • No matter where an employee clocks in, all the data comes together in one place.
  • Integrates with Scheduling and Payroll providers, saving hours of admin time.
  • Historical data informs future schedules, for more efficient schedules over time.
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Accurate Data

  • Track punch corrections and anomalies paperlessly. Our system flags variances for managers to review.
  • Staff working multiple jobs can automatically assign their hours to the appropriate labor category.
  • In real time, see who is coming in, on the clock, on break, skipping their break or clocked out.
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Stay in compliance

Create schedules that automatically factor in the legal requirements and company policies that apply to your team. We help your team follow the rules, so you can focus on delivering great service.

  • Our automated system accounts for federal, state, city, and county requirements.
  • Assign team members enough hours while reducing overall labor costs. Use forecasts to inform predictive scheduling requirements while maintaining efficiency.
  • Real-time alerts flag team members who are late, need breaks, or enter overtime, based on your company’s policies.
  • Legislative and union work rules flow through the time clock system.
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Mobile Apps

Track attendance on the go

Clock in and out, swap shifts, message team members, and receive payments–right from your phone.
For Managers
  • Create schedules
  • Make real-time fixes to payroll and schedules
  • Send out open shifts and message team members
  • Assign tasks, create checklists, and ensure resolution
Track attendance with mobile
For Team Members
  • Clock in and out
  • Swap shifts and message team members
  • Access task lists
  • Get paid and receive tips
  • Give workplace feedback
Track attendance with mobile


What if we told you payroll was already done?

Each punch flows into your payroll report. All you need to do is review, make adjustments where needed and voila! Payroll is ready to be sent to your payroll provider. Team members can receive tips and payments right from our mobile apps.

  • Receive payments and tips through our mobile apps
  • Integrate with your payroll provider
  • Real-time, automated tip pools
  • Instant pay and early wage access through Rain
  • Wage audits help ensure compliance
“Our decision to implement Unifocus in all hotels in our portfolio was simple–we saw significant productivity improvements in properties using Unifocus over those not using the system. Additionally, Unifocus brings a unique skill set to help us achieve even better results long-term.”
–Tom Healy, COO and Executive Vice President of Asset Management at DiamondRock Hospitality

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