Industry Expertise at Your Fingertips

At UniFocus, we want to make every part of your business easily understandable, increasing the positive impact of your operational decisions to enhance your customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, and most important of all, profits. We are dedicated to provide our 30+ years of industry experience to help you make your location(s) highly successful!

We understand every aspect of your business. UniFocus' innovative productivity tools and expertise give you a laser focus on optimizing your operations/HR, accounting and marketing, along with revenue centers, such as Food & Beverage, Casino and Room Operations.  Our survey feedback solutions provide meaningful information about what matters most to your customers and employees.

UniFocus empowers you with real-time information and technology tools you want to better understand and operate your business more profitably and efficiently.

  • Provides results-oriented measurement to better understand your business
  • Define staffing requirements with goal focused planning
  • Intelligent resource development
  • Promote better understanding of roles and responsibilities with ongoing training
  • Save time with precision scheduling
  • Insightful Analysis with Survey Solutions and Performance Tools
  • Compare real results over time with flexible budgeting
  • Obtain cost-effective, clear forecasts

To learn how UniFocus' innovative approach drives profits, please contact us at or call 972-512-500.

An interview with Mark Heymann