UniFocus brings 30+ years’ experience in assorted industries to our world class applications and services, ensuring optimal use of every asset. Beginning with a snapshot of every facet of your business, we present actionable insight about your customers and employees. 

Our team of experts has tackled the most complex labor management and survey projects with precision that easily translates to other industries. Our focus is always to deliver applications, training and expertise that creates harmony in your workforce and has your customers ready to share how great their experience was with your business or facility.

UniFocus specializes in providing customized solutions for:

  • Valet Parking
  • Baggage Services
  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Movie & Entertainment Facilities
  • Real Estate
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Stadium and Event Venues
  • Governments
  • Cruise Lines
  • Vacation Resort and Time Shares
  • And many others


  • Ensures consistent and competitive guest service delivery
  • Provides accurate and timely response to all guest feedback
  • Comprehensive, real-time alerts and reporting, facilitating effective corrective actions and shortened recovery time
  • Intuitive multi-property analytics, combined with performance ranking and trending, show how well your properties are performing down to the most minute detail

Time & Attendance

  • Daily punch control that reduces errors
  • Approaching overtime alerts for managers
  • Smart phone access for employees for scheduling requests (iPhone, Droid and Windows Phone OS)
  • Innovative smart clocks with punch control

Labor Management System 

  • Maximized labor utilization for increased efficiency with reduced cost and waste
  • Establish competitive service levels and operational performance standards
  • Automate comprehensive table game rosters and hospitality operations labor scheduling
  • Manage and monitor complex regulatory and labor contract work rules
  • Improved labor efficiency across all departments in the property
  • Innovative smart clocks with punch control

Learn how our unique solutions, services and training can help you. Please call us at 972-512-5100 or email info@UniFocus.com.

An interview with Mark Heymann