The ambiance, location, service, and overall experience at a casino can significantly impact the likelihood of a guest’s intent to return and recommend. Customers want to have positive experiences whether they are dining at a restaurant or shopping at a retail store. However, because the casino industry caters to consumers who have certain expectations, and has to consider the increasing competition from online gambling platforms, there is a heightened emphasis on the satisfaction and experience factors. UniFocus’ survey solutions tools provide insight and actionable reporting to executive and management teams, and identify key opportunities for improvement.

Casinos operate with a large staff, all of whom function in various positions and have unique skill sets. With UniFocus’ Time and Attendance tool, managers can easily schedule the right employee, at the right place, at the right time according to demand. Mobile Apps provide both managers and employees the freedom to handle scheduling and attendance concerns from any location, anywhere, anytime, which elevates employee satisfaction and workplace communication. Time and Attendance also ensures compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Our Labor Management System provides accurate analytics, forecasting, and trending to help meet your company’s goals and standards.

UniFocus’ Workforce Management tools will provide your business with the ability to:

  • Utilize easy, on demand scheduling based on business volumes
  • Empower employees with easy to use mobile apps
  • Control labor costs with a cloud-based, real-time reporting system
  • Compare adjusted rolling budgets to real-time actual revenue and expense
  • Create customizable reports to meet the unique needs of your business and staff
  • Maximize employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and create a healthier bottom line for your business
  • Find hidden revenue opportunities across your portfolio with financial reporting
  • Perfect standards and improve operations

The employee turnover rate in the gaming industry ranges anywhere between 70 to 80 percent, meaning employee satisfaction is an essential area of focus. With the use of our STAFFScope survey, your company receives not only feedback from its workforce, but a thorough understanding of the relationship between engaged employees and satisfied guests. 

UniFocus’ GUESTScope survey allows your casino to hear from players directly enabling the creation of a rewarding gaming experience, and grants your property the opportunity to develop better strategies to capture new market segments. Informed decisions will ultimately lead to a greater improvement of standards across all aspects of your business, as well as an enhanced perception of what drives loyalty, ultimately resulting in an increased competitive advantage.

UniFocus’ Survey Solutions tools will empower your company to: 

  • Measure employee satisfaction, and understand how it correlates to overall consumer satisfaction
  • Understand every facet of customer loyalty and satisfaction, enabling a better plan to drive the greatest ROI

UniFocus’ suite of products provide a proven foundation for improving workforce management and cost reduction, offering extensive insight into employee satisfaction, and increasing guest intent to return and recommend. Our expert team is ready to help, and ready to become your business’ trusted advisors.

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Labor Management System

  • Maximizes labor utilization for increased efficiency with reduced cost and waste
  • Establishes competitive service levels and operational performance standards
  • Automates comprehensive table game rosters and hospitality operations labor scheduling
  • Manage and monitor complex regulatory and labor contract work rules
  • Improves labor efficiency across all departments in the property


  • Ensures consistent and competitive guest service delivery
  • Provides accurate and timely response to all guest feedback
  • Comprehensive, real-time alerts and reporting, facilitating effective corrective actions and shortened recovery time
  • Intuitive multi-property analytics, combined with performance ranking and trending, show how well your properties are performing down to the most minute detail

 Time & Attendance

  • Daily punch control that reduces errors
  • Approaching overtime alerts for managers
  • Smart phone access for employees for scheduling requests (iPhone, Droid and Windows Phone OS)
  • Innovative smart clocks with punch control

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