Ensure Teams are Meeting Standards with Professional Mystery Shop

Our SERVICEScope product helps our customers confirm that they are delivering service that is consistent with the delivery standards that are the foundation of the customer satisfaction process.  Customers have different expectations for companies based on their brand promise.  How does an organization ensure they are meeting customers’ expectations consistently while achieving the brand’s objectives? Implementing shopping programs provides an unbiased, additional source of information.

UniFocus’ SERVICEScopeoffers trained and certified mystery evaluators to witness customer service in action from the customer's perspective. When this feedback is coupled with our customer feedback survey, GUESTScope, you can be sure brand standards are relevant and being met while exceeding customer expectations.

Trained and timely feedback from undercover shoppers allows leadership to make fast and informed decisions about current services and product related aspects of the experience, confirm the integrity of employees, and make sure proper procedures and internal and safety controls are in place. Programs are available for all service industries—hotels and resorts, casinos, restaurants, spas, boutiques and everything in between—around the world to ensure standards are being met to help surpass guest expectations.

UniFocus' SERVICEScope Key Benefits:

  • Focus and align resources to what matters most to the customer

  • Intelligence necessary for management to examine current best practices and refine levels of service delivery to meet brand/company standards

  • Increase customers’ intent to recommend and return by supporting on-going efforts to improve guest loyalty and satisfaction

  • Understand if employee training is having the right impact

  • Multi-dimensional reporting equates results to customer perceptions

  • Experienced evaluators provide unbiased feedback

  • Professional commentary photos with descriptions

  • Identifies "WOW" moments and  missed opportunities that would  have made a lasting and positive impression on guests

  • Industry benchmarking and trending to track and measure improvements

  • Correlate to GUESTScope to provide a better guest experience

Championing an on-going mystery evaluation program as part of a fully developed customer brand strategy is smart business. Mystery shopping is a very proactive way to ensure teams are achieving or exceeding brand standards.  Aligning resources to meet consumer expectations allows for the tracking of both customer satisfaction and loyalty to help support all aspects of a company’s operations. 

By leveraging an experienced and impartial third party like UniFocus, businesses gain a multi-dimensional point of view enabling managers to better understand customers’ perceptions.  SERVICEScope helps evolve companies to meet the changing needs of the organization and customers. 

  • "UniFocus feels like a partner, not a third party. It's a great relationship...We have individual, personalized service that isn't cookie cutter. Another strategic asset is the clear understanding of which products and/or services can be improved or offered, to exceed customers' expectations." 
    Chuck Currid, General Manager of Babson Executive Conference Center
  • "UniFocus will help PGA National achieve its business objectives of continually enhancing levels of customer service and profitability with their innovative solutions and expert training. By partnering with UniFocus to create brand specific labor standards PGA will enhance our performance and guest satisfaction."  
    - Joel Paige, Vice President & Managing Director, PGA National Resort and Spa

  • "The team at UniFocus clearly values relationships and customer service is a priority. With UniFocus' online guest satisfaction surveys, Skytop now has the ability to customize tracking and trend reporting. Management gains the ability to view key opportunities necessary to maximize our customer experience across services, property improvements to consider and the product updates and launches our guests are wanting."  
    Cara Federici, Director of Sales & Marketing with Skytop Lodge
  • "UniFocus' LMS provides all the flexibility and functionality that allows us to ensure that the Center Of Operational Effectiveness' work on developing comprehensive, optimized and effective standards across our properties worldwide is reflected in the technology. We are also excited by the comprehensive analytics, available to all users, in the LMS Dashboard...what a powerful capability." 
    - Michael Escalante, Vice President, Global Center for Operational Excellence of Hilton Worldwide
  • "Our team is looking forward to the feedback so we can improve the overall guest experience. UniFocus' product allows us to identify by villa, service, party and program allowing us to easily identify trends." 
    Mitch Goldberg, Vice President of Operations, GKTW