Shaping the Future of Hotel Human Capital - Insights from the 2023 Conference

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Hotel Human Capital Conference 2023

Opening Address: A Transformative Journey

Dr. Tan See Leng's Vision

At the heart of the Hotel Human Capital Conference 2023, organized by Singapore Hotel Association, with the support of Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU), held at PARKROYAL on Beach Road, was Dr. Tan See Leng's opening address. The Minister for Manpower highlighted the hotel industry's remarkable resilience and transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emphasizing the critical role of technology, he praised the sector's use of the Tourism Transformation Index (TXI) for benchmarking and strategizing their growth paths.

The Path to Recovery

Dr. Tan shared uplifting statistics indicating a strong rebound in the industry. With room rates and revenues surpassing pre-pandemic levels, he forecasted a full recovery by 2024, supported by the government's unwavering commitment. It’s clear that the Singapore hotel industry is not just rebounding from recent challenges but is actively reshaping its future. With a focus on technology, sustainability, and human capital development, it stands poised to redefine hospitality in the years to come.

Pressing on with Transformation

The Launch of Hotel Jobs Transformation Map

A significant highlight was the unveiling of the Hotel Jobs Transformation Map (Hotel JTM), a collaborative effort designed to guide the industry through emerging trends and technologies. It aims to equip workers with essential skills for evolving roles and new career opportunities.

Pioneering Roles in the "Hotel of Tomorrow"

Dr. Tan underscored the emergence of pivotal roles like sustainability specialists and business intelligence analysts, illustrating with examples from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and Far East Hospitality. He also introduced the concept of 'place maker,' a role dedicated to enhancing guest experiences through unique and localized offerings.

Redefining Traditional Roles

In a push towards innovation, traditional roles such as Front Office and Guest Relations Officers are being reimagined with technology. The focus shifts towards providing more personalized guest experiences through multi-skilling and effective use of resources.

Government Support and Initiatives

Dr. Tan assured continued support through initiatives like NTUC’s Company Training Committee (CTC) Grants and the Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Tourism Professionals. He also highlighted the importance of platforms like WSG’s volunteer Career Advisors (vCA) Initiative and the Tourism Careers Hub in facilitating industry growth and transformation.

Strengthening HR Capabilities

Emphasizing the crucial role of HR in this transformation, Dr. Tan announced the establishment of the Job Redesign Centre of Excellence by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP). This initiative aims to empower HR teams in navigating job transformation journeys and accessing necessary resources.

A Call to Action

Dr. Tan concluded by encouraging hotels to embrace the JTM strategies, fostering growth and prosperity for the industry's future. The commitment of over 135 hotels with more than 18,000 local workers to implement these strategies reflects a shared vision of a/mi thriving, innovative, and resilient hotel industry.

Here's how the transformation and growth strategies in the hotel industry as highlighted by Dr. Tan and be realized using hotel technology:

  • Technology as a Key Growth Enabler
    • Digital Integration: Unifocus leverages existing technology to streamline and optimize workforce management. Dr. Tan's emphasis on adopting tech solutions to improve productivity is an essential aspect of the industry's transformation journey which will require the right tech stack and meaningful integrations.
  • Responding to the Evolving Workforce
    • Efficiency and Flexibility: Unifocus provides tools for efficient scheduling, labor forecasting, and time tracking. These features respond to the changing needs and expectations of the workforce, allowing for more flexible and employee-friendly work arrangements.
  • Embracing New Job Roles
    • Data-Driven Decision Making: With its analytics capabilities, Unifocus gives hoteliers the ability to make data-driven decisions by delivering simplified recommendations that are rooted in hundreds of aggregated data points. The role of business intelligence analysts, as mentioned by Dr. Tan, is transformative when harnessing data to optimize strategic planning and operational improvements.
  • Enhancing Traditional Roles Through Technology
    • Automating Routine Tasks: The platform's automation features can take over mundane tasks like scheduling, allowing staff in roles like Front Office and Guest Relations to focus on providing more personalized and high-value services to guests.
  • Supporting Government Initiatives and Training
    • Skills Development and Training: By providing a comprehensive view of workforce performance, Unifocus can help identify areas where employees might benefit from further training and development, aligning with government initiatives for upskilling and reskilling.
  • Strengthening HR Capabilities
    • HR Efficiency: The platform enhances HR capabilities by automating various aspects of workforce management, thus aligning with the new HR Industry Transformation Plan. It aids in job redesign and helps in better managing the workforce to meet the evolving demands of the hotel industry.
  • Sustainability and Future-Readiness
    • Resource Optimization: By optimizing staff schedules and reducing unnecessary labor costs, Unifocus contributes to the sustainability goals of hotels. Efficient use of human resources is a key component of sustainable business practices.

The Unifocus platform plays a significant role in realizing the vision laid out by Dr. Tan See Leng. It offers the technological solutions and efficiencies needed to navigate the transformative landscape of the hotel industry, focusing on productivity, workforce empowerment, data-driven strategies, and sustainable growth.

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