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Implementing vaccine policies? These UniFocus features can help.

Vaccine policies are a reality our industry is facing, but who has time for more paperwork? Here’s how UniFocus features can help.

Tracking vaccine policies is the last thing that managers have time for – who wouldn’t want to use an existing tool to track, notify, and restrict schedules (all electronically, without creating checklists and paper documents to chase down)? 

Good news! UniFocus Time & Attendance and Labor Management partners can use our features to communicate with your teams and keep track of your organization’s policy. 

Here are a few ways that you can use the tools at hand to help implement your policies. 

UniFocus Certifications 

UniFocus certifications are a component of both our Labor Management and Time & Attendance platforms, with different features applicable to monitoring vaccine policy compliance. You can use them to record who is in compliance with your company’s policy and who isn’t, and then associate that certification with eligibility to be scheduled to work. That way, you automatically know that you are scheduling employees in compliance with your policy. 

For Time & Attendance partners, you can also implement time clock limitations associated with the certification and use prompts and notifications to remind employees to complete the certification. 

To use these features, you can reference support documentation and videos for certifications, and/or reach out to your Partner Relationship Manager for support.

UniFocus Smart Time Clock Notification

Time Clock Notifications

UniFocus smart time clocks have a notifications portion in which you can broadcast messages to your team where you know they will see it – when they are punching in and/or out. You can customize this message to include details about your policy or key dates that your team needs to know.

Email Broadcasts 

Partners are able to send out a mass email communication to their teams. It comes from a UniFocus email address and can go to whomever you put on your list. Contact your Partner Relationship Manager, who can assist with setting this up. 

In-app messaging  

The easiest communication tool to implement immediately is to leverage mobile in-app messaging. This is something that managers can use today, without any help or configuration. A best practice is to message employees at a time aligned with when you publish the schedule (so you know you have a captive audience). 

Implementing new policies 

Of course, use of any of these functions depends on your organizational policies and choices.  But we want to help you leverage existing functionality to ensure that you achieve your objectives as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Not yet a UniFocus partner? 

We are in the trenches with our partners, coming up with solutions to today’s most pressing issues (like how to keep hold of policy compliance). We’d love to talk with you about how the UniFocus Workforce Management platform can help with optimizing your workforce and relieving some of your pain points.

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