UniFocus CEO, Mark Heymann, published in recent issue of "Global Business and Organizational Excellence"

In his article “Spotlight on Service: Integrating Workforce Management with Employee Engagement to Optimize Customer Satisfaction and Profitability”, which appeared in the July/August 2015 issue of Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus, states:


“Insights into customers’ perceptions about a business – not just whether they will return or recommend others, but what factors are driving that decision – can have a significant impact on bottom-line results. For instance, how does what an employee communicates – and the way in which he or she does so — affect customer satisfaction? When managers perceive their staff members as strategic assets, they can employ their talents more effectively, leading to enhanced training, engagement, and revenue per employee. And knowing whether service standards are in sync with changing perceptions in the market creates a clear competitive advantage.”
All businesses want their customers to be happy with the services they received or the product(s) they purchased.  Satisfied customers return and/or recommend others, which helps to drive a company’s bottom-line.   Whether one has realized it or not, there is another side to this equation: the engagement level of an organization’s employees.  If an employee is engaged, a customer’s experience is that much more enjoyable.
The effect of employee engagement on customer satisfaction cannot be overlooked.  Management must do everything it can to make sure employees are engaged.  It will lead to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals … all driving bottom-line results.
September 18, 2015, Dallas, TX. 

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