UniFocus Tip Pool offers solution to changing federal tip regulations

July, 2018 - Published in Today's Restaurant – UniFocus, the service industry's leading and most comprehensive provider of workforce management systems, offers a simple solution to the challenges that employees and employers could face due to the U.S. Department of Labor's newly proposed tip law. Tip Pool, a seamlessly integrated feature within the Dallas-based organization's robust Time & Attendance system, streamlines tip management and distribution, minimizes workload, and ultimately reduces labor costs while maximizing productivity.

"Splitting gratuities between tipped and traditionally non-tipped workers stirs up a lot of questions: How do you determine what each individual receives? How do employers keep their employees' trust that tips are not being misappropriated? What is the optimal method of handling input and distribution?" said UniFocus founding partner and CEO Mark Heymann. "Tip Pool provides answers to all these questions and helps companies simply comply with changing laws while also driving productivity."

Through automation, Tip Pool enhances the user experience: It reduces the chance of fraud and errors, minimizes the workload required to import data into a system payroll processor, drastically cuts time spent calculating gratuity distribution, and automates qualification of employees to tip pools based on specified, local parameters. It also centralizes payroll data collection, improves employee satisfaction, and drives employee engagement.

As a component of UniFocus' real-time and interactive Time & Attendance system, Tip Pool provides users with a biometric touchscreen and multilingual interface. It also facilitates employees entering non-credit card tips. And, it allows managers and employees to input data efficiently and accurately through the mobile app.

See the original article in Today's Restaurant.

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