UniFocus Introduces New Employee Performance Module to Empower Management Teams

September 27, 2019 - Published in Hospitality Technology - UniFocus, a provider of Workforce Management Systems for the hospitality industry, announced the launch of a new Employee Performance module to its Labor Management System platform. Employee Performance allows hospitality operators to track the output of individual staff members daily and to effectively engage and coach employees on their performance. The module is available now for use within its LMS platform.


More hospitality operators are seeking technology that can help provide insights into employee performance in order to capture accurate labor standards, manage employee performance, and ultimately, ensure an excellent customer experience. UniFocus’ new Employee Performance module allows restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other hospitality operators to set up individual goals for each employee that can then be tracked on a daily basis and reported for any desirable period. In doing so, businesses can have accurate insight into employee output and to support individual goals at work.


The Employee Performance module can be used with any driver customers already have access to and includes the following capabilities:


  • Track output in single or multiple drivers or business indicators
  • View output on an individual basis
  • Set targets for employees, for example, room attendants (rooms cleaned), valet parkers (number of cars parked) and cashiers (number of transactions)

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