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UniFocus Unveils Predictive Scheduling, a Powerful Tool Ensuring Fair Workweek Compliance and Effective Labor Coverage

UniFocus' predictive scheduling technology helps managers feel confident about scheduling and not running afoul of the fair workweek laws, other labor laws, or employee expectations.


Jan 11, 2022

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Workforce optimization technology provider empowers hoteliers with the means to easily navigate the increasing predictable schedule laws while maintaining seamless operations and high-level service quality.


DALLAS, TX—January 11, 2020—UniFocus, the leading provider of Workforce Management Systems, has today announced its launch of intelligent predictive scheduling capabilities for its Labor Management and Time & Attendance solutions, providing today’s hoteliers with the instantly accessible intelligence they need to successfully pivot their business operations in response to the growth in fair workweek laws. With UniFocus’ predictive scheduling feature, managers can finally balance fair workweek law compliance with employee wellbeing and trust while effortlessly aligning staff schedules to conform with business needs.

From frontline hotel managers and HR directors to those responsible for ensuring legal compliance, UniFocus’ predictive scheduling feature is an essential tool to enable operators to incorporate the complexities of adhering to a myriad of fair workweek laws that can vary by state and municipality. The tool notably incorporates all local rules, instantly eliminating the guesswork that can stall scheduling operations or lead to non-compliant schedules and heavy fines.

Unifocus’ predictive scheduling offers a clear holistic picture of how, when and where labor resources can be lawfully and effectively utilized. Managers are alerted when attempting to adjust set shifts or change hours from an employee’s previously assigned schedule that are non-compliant. When coupled with UniFocus’ advanced Time & Attendance platform, predictive scheduling also offers the option of overriding alerts with the payment of the locally mandated penalty to the affected employee. Penalty rates may vary by region, however, UniFocus with predictive scheduling can always automatically implement the correct rate which is then instantly added to an employee’s timecard for even greater efficiency, transparency, and legal compliance.

“With hoteliers facing more limitations on the ability to adjust schedules that fall outside of permitted time frames, the industry is calling for solutions that don’t just follow legal requirements, but that also provide them with the means to make informed business decisions,” said Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus. “Predictive scheduling by UniFocus respects the needs of both employees and employers. Operators can plan their schedules with confidence, knowing they are always fully compliant and if they’re not, can understand the fiscal impact of choosing to make non-compliant schedule changes out of necessity. Predictive scheduling helps provide staff with a predictable work environment that breeds loyalty while preventing any coverage lapses that can impact the guest experience.”

Predictable scheduling is also able to integrate with ShiftGenius, another high-value tool that gives staff members enhanced schedule flexibility while making managers’ lives even easier. The only tool currently available that provides employee shift flexibility without negatively affecting service quality, ShiftGenius enables staff members to select from a list of open shifts to create a schedule that perfectly aligns with both personal and work-related needs. Together with predictable scheduling, managers automatically ensure that any shift pick-up requests remain in compliance with regional fair workweek regulations.

Predictive scheduling is one of many features UniFocus solutions that automates compliance with labor laws. Other functions include the integrating of rules regarding the scheduling of minors, ensuring adherence to employee break rules and more.

About UniFocus

UniFocus is the only complete workforce management platform designed to fundamentally shift the way service industries manage labor. The powerful platform helps managers plan with intelligent Labor Management tools that automatically produce accurate forecasts, optimized schedules based on business demand, employee availability, service standards and work rules. Staff is easily aligned with a world class Time and Attendance module that communicates schedules and facilitates swaps with tools like Shift Genius that live within an intuitive mobile app. Once scheduled, frontline employees operate with ease from the industry-leading Knowcross Task Management suite that streamlines guest services, housekeeping, maintenance, inspections, and glitches.

With traditional workplace silos removed, managers benefit from a complete view of analytics and a personalized virtual assistant, Odin, that highlights opportunities to improve productivity and cost controls while keeping an eye on guest satisfaction and employee engagement. UniFocus is arming managers with best-in-class decision-making technology in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, and healthcare industries. Check us out at to learn more about how service industries are rethinking workforce management.

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