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UniFocus Platform Fall Release: New Features and Enhancements

UniFocus’s new and enhanced features equip managers and operators to make better-informed decisions and refocus their time on their guests and employees.


Oct 14, 2021

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Our innovation team has launched some exciting new upgrades as a part of our fall product release that will change the way we think about scheduling and shifts. This is the latest release also brings users an unparalleled experience, design, and technical upgrades. New and enhanced features are focused on equipping managers and operators to make better-informed decisions and focus their time on guests and employees.  

What’s new with the fall release? 


ShiftGenius is a new feature designed to fill shifts and offer flexibility in schedules, while still reassuring the business is covered. As the gig economy continues to grow, ShiftGenius is the first step to helping employees balance their work and personal lives by selecting shifts to work. 

ShiftGenius makes managers’ lives easier, helps employees reach a better-balanced schedule for their lives, and helps employers stand out in the labor market by addressing the trend towards more flexibility. Managers can send open shifts – whether a single shift or the whole schedule – to employees, who can then pick up shifts or create their own schedule. 

Read all about it here: Next-Level Scheduling with ShiftGenius 

This is just the first incarnation of ShiftGenius and while HotelTechReport is already featuring it among the top of the  50+ Hospitality Technology Innovations You Need to Know, we are excited by the opportunities this foundation offer, including future development.

Revamped Attendance Points and Events 

Attendance points and events are completely revamped and easier to use than ever! These progressive discipline tools make tracking attendance (and violations) automatic and digitally documented, with triggers to take action as your organization’s standards deem fit. 

What are attendance points and events? 

  • Attendance points are automated attendance tracking, in which employees garner points for progressive discipline in attendance-related instances (such as absences, break violations, and more, customized by property rules).  
  • Events are triggered automatically based on attendance points. For example, if an employee has reached a threshold (set by the property) of points for absences and tardies, it triggers an event for a manager to write them up. 

Who can use attendance points and events? 

  • System admin can set up the points and events in work rules (under employee points). 
  • Managers can see, acknowledge (review and accept), excuse (excuse the instance so points aren’t accrued), and leave pending (for later review). 
  • Employees can see attendance points in the mobile app so they know where they stand. 

What’s new with attendance points and events? 

  • The interface is modernized with the points displayed in cards that are easily reviewed. 
  • A new, pending state has been added where you can leave the alert to be acknowledged or excused at a later time. 
  • You have more information than you had before (e.g., scheduled and actual times, where available). 
  • You can now tie a document to the event, with a new configuration screen so you can create a template/document to easily associate documentation with the event. 

UniFocus Attendance Points and Events Screens Displayed in tiled fashion on multiple devicesCustom Notifications 

The latest release brings more notifications that you can customize to supplement the insights you already receive from Odin daily. Your choice(s) of notifications, customized to your property, will be popping up in your inboxes, SMS, and app notifications. 

The variance notifications are set at the property level and each manager can choose their preferred delivery method from notification settings in the mobile app. 

Pro-tip: when setting up notifications for managers with multiple labor permissions, you may want to default those notifications to  

Biometric punch enrollment consent 

Are you already using biometric scans for attendance? Or interested in doing so? This latest version rolls out our biometric acknowledgment capabilities for all partners using biometric scans fur punches. The acknowledgment is delivered in the employee’s choice of language and creates a paperless audit trail so both operators and employees can feel confident about how their data is being used and stored. 

Learn more about it here: Using a biometric system for attendance - everything you need to know 

KBI Mappings 

The KBI mappings user interface has been updated to configure multiple data sources for a single KBI to pull in data, making it more intuitive for you!

Implementing vaccine policies? These UniFocus features can help.


Not on version 10 yet? 

If you aren’t on version 10 yet, what are you waiting for? Talk to your Partner Relationship Manager about getting upgraded to get access to the latest features. As always, it is no cost for partners to upgrade versions and training is available for all new features

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