Meet Odin, your new workforce management assistant from UniFocus

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Computer Screen With Text Meet Odin, your new workforce management assistant

We’d like you to meet Odin, your new personal assistant from UniFocus.

The UniFocus workforce optimization platform provides powerful data for all users. But a coach with an assistant who can help her with a focused look at critical data is more prepared to make better in-the-moment decisions. An assistant who has access to all of the data and statistics at the ready. An assistant who analyzes all the details in the background so the coach can focus on the game at hand.

Enter Odin.

Odin is your UniFocus assistant

While he might not greet you at the start of your day with a cup of coffee just the way you like it, he is ready with the data and insights you need to run your business.

Odin isn’t a standalone tool, but a vessel of knowledge across the UniFocus platform, harnessing Artificial Intelligence.

Odin is an all-knowing assistant designed to help companies and managers make better decisions.

What is Odin’s Daily Performance and Compliance Snapshot?

Odin will email each manager a concise, actionable snapshot of performance and forecast insights as well as open issues that need resolution. Emails are targeted to each manager’s department or division, so the information is exactly what each specific manager needs to make an impact.

His daily snapshot pulls in key data so you can put your attention where it’s needed most. By seeing targeted forecast vs actuals, labor insights, and other critical information, managers can make the best decisions to hit service standards, reduce risk and stay on top of labor costs.

What to expect today: What is in the forecast and how have your actuals been trending so far this week?

Critical tasks that need attention: Do you have any open shifts? Are there punch errors that need attention? What do you need to take care of, pay-period-to-date?

Prevent quality or cost issues: Quality and labor cost concerns are flagged for you so you can take action before they become an issue.

Who gets the daily digest? As Odin gets started, his daily digest will go to all managers; multi-unit managers and other users are on his horizon.

Where else will you see Odin?

We know that managers are busier than ever. As we upgrade Odin, look for more capabilities that will continue to make life easier. Odin is a new team member of the UniFocus family and we hope he becomes a valued addition to your team as well.

At the moment, he is running our website chat. Take a minute to say hello and ask him a question! (Within his realm of workforce management knowledge, of course.)

How to activate Odin

We will be launching Odin in a staged rollout. If you are interested in joining our waitlist to be the first to activate Odin, talk to your Partner Relationship Manager.

Note: Odin is not version-dependent and will be activated for all UniFocus partners.


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