The Ultimate Hospitality Workforce Optimization Playbook

By: Mark Heyman, CEO and Co-Founder

Workforce optimization is an evolutionary step in hospitality. It sheds the inefficiencies of traditional labor management for hotels, casinos, and resorts and infuses them with the flexibility needed to compete in a dynamic marketplace. However, many operators still lack the information and guidance needed to implement an effective workforce optimization strategy into their operations.


We’ve spent decades honing the insights and technologies operators can use to unlock the full potential of a workforce optimization strategy. In our newest guide for hoteliers, The Ultimate Hospitality Workforce Optimization Playbook, we distill decades of experience into a single resource that operators can use as a roadmap for their own optimization efforts, step by step.


Download: Ultimate Hospitality Workforce Optimization Playbook

The Need for an Optimized Workforce

As you’ll see, the hospitality industry lags behind both its own historical productivity rates as well as those in other sectors despite significant technological advances in the space. This speaks to the importance of a comprehensive, far-reaching approach to labor management that incorporates technology and, just as importantly, other key components as well.


Our guide demonstrates how an effective optimization strategy couples technology with employee engagement, culture, and a least-cost environment to maintain service standards, continually improve the guest experience, and foster the guest intent to recommend.

The Steps to an Optimized Workforce

Once we establish the overwhelming need for workforce optimization in hotels, casinos, and resorts, we then give operators a rare look into the specific steps we use to implement such a strategy for our partner hotels.


In The Ultimate Hospitality Workforce Optimization Playbook, we discuss the seven distinct steps every operator must include when implementing workforce optimization, including how each coordinates with the others and is a vital piece of the overall puzzle.

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The Benefits of a Workforce Optimization Strategy

By employing technology and other optimization solutions to critical functions like labor standards, forecasting, scheduling, feedback, and others, operators equip themselves with a competitive edge that is difficult to match.


Workforce performance optimization gives organizations the flexibility to adapt to continually shifting service demands and guest expectations. The Ultimate Hospitality Workforce Optimization Playbook can guide a hotel, casino, or resort’s optimization strategy and help them streamline their operations, maximize profitability, and develop the intent to recommend that drives long-standing success.


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