The Guide to Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction With 3 Core Technologies

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Guest satisfaction is a universal need for hoteliers. High satisfaction increases a guest’s intent to return and recommend, driving revenue and capturing market share while also distinguishing a hotel from the competition.


Unfortunately, guest satisfaction is still typically pursued by owners and operators via traditional means like comment cards and other methods that lack the flexibility and impact needed for a continually evolving market with dynamic customer demands.


In our a new eBook, The Guide to Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction With 3 Core Technologies, we discuss the importance of guest satisfaction and, more importantly, what hoteliers can do to improve the guest experience, increase satisfaction, and reap the rewards despite a competitive marketplace and demanding customer base.


Download: Guide to Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction


Rather than the typical discussion filled with facts, figures, and hypotheticals without real-world context, we provide hoteliers with a detailed set of guidelines and best practices. Together, these demonstrate how innovation and a flexible but potent approach to improving guest satisfaction can yield significant results.


After reading The Guide to Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction, a hotel operator will have a better understanding of critical drivers to guest satisfaction in the digital age, including:


  • Guest feedback, the rare and authentic opportunity it provides hoteliers, and how an operator can use it to truly understand guest expectations
  • Revealing insight into how those guest expectations align with a hotel’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying what aspects of the guest experience and overall service provide tangible value and what needs improvement
  • How employee engagement allows a hotelier to transform employee feedback into strategy and action as well as the absolute importance of an engaged staff in improving the guest experience and satisfaction metrics
  • The reasons why workforce optimization -- maximizing workforce productivity through streamlined operations that align resources with demand -- is essential to effectively compete in today’s hospitality industry along with the impactful tools available to achieve it 

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The Guide to Unlocking Hotel Guest Satisfaction gives hotels crucial best practices, examples, and helpful tips on how to leverage innovative technologies that can continually improve their guest satisfaction and rise above their competition. Our insights, coupled with a willingness to embrace new perspectives and solutions, will help hotel owners and operators develop powerful guest satisfaction strategies that foster the intent to return and drive growth well into the future.




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