Your Guests Have Many Choices

Stand Out From the Competition

Don’t Sacrifice the Ideal Guest Experience For Productivity and Profitability

UniFocus Gives You Both

You have a unique challenge.  Your guest experience extends across a variety of touchpoints by multiple team members at different times.  Every interaction is a moment of truth to meet your guests’ needs and influence their intent to return and recommend. Your operation has to deliver service efficiently to your customers according to their schedules and demands. Using traditional labor management tools designed for manufacturing won't get you there.  UniFocus Workforce Performance Optimization is designed by our team of experienced hospitality professionals, using powerful technology and targeted tools to ensure you have the right staff with the right skills and attitudes, in the right place, at the right time.  Whether you’re a limited service hotel, large casino, or resort, we can help you engineer your standards and optimize every facet of your workforce management to meet the unique expectations of your guests at the lowest possible cost.

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Measurable Productivity Improvements

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by aligning labor to actual demand volumes and your service standards

Simplify & automate complex tasks

Reduce time for forecasting and scheduling by as much as 70%

Increase asset value

Improve top- and bottom-line results with an engaged, more productive workforce that drives customer satisfaction

the uniFocus difference

Optimizing hospitality labor is complex. It requires precision, big data – and more time than managers have. UniFocus combines simplicity with innovation, using AI and automation to enable every manager to optimize their team’s schedule and productivity in a fraction of the time. UniFocus reduced scheduling time for a large casino partner by 70-75% while improving accuracy. Our modular, cloud-based suite gives you a comprehensive set of solutions for optimizing every facet of workforce performance, all built on a unique architecture that ensures you have the information needed to manage effectively in real time. Your team is connected with mobile tools for managing schedules and communicating more easily. Smart, biometric time clocks support your rules and are fully integrated to reduce punch errors and ensure you know who is on the clock at all times. We uniquely integrate employee engagement as a strategic element of your workforce optimization – and enable you to measure market feedback so you know you're optimized to deliver on customer expectations.



We consider every customer a partner. Our business is to know yours and to work together to drive measurable results: improved productivity, employee engagement, customer intent to return and recommend.  By focusing on top- and bottom-line results, we help you achieve business results and increase asset value. We have consistently delivered results for thousands of customers for more than 20 years – we are committed to doing the same for you. So committed that we guarantee your ROI on our solutions.  That’s the UniFocus Promise.