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Partnership Focused On Your Business

Your managers and team bring the knowledge of your business and culture. Our consultants bring expertise from first-hand experience in your industry and insights from working with hundreds of businesses like yours around the world.

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Labor Standards

Your labor parameters define the amount of hours you need to meet your customer service demands. We help you develop the right standards to make the best use of your team’s time as they work to more efficiently serve your customers and meet their needs.


A Smarter Balance — Costs And Service

The purpose of labor standards is to ensure your team consistently has the right labor resources to deliver quality service --so guests are happy and costs are effectively managed. With the right standards in place, your managers can be confident they will meet budgets without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

When UniFocus engineers your standards from a value perspective, we assess the results your organization can realize and consistently deliver. Our consultants consider every aspect of your business, including:

  • Operating environment and processes
  • Business volume fluctuations
  • Customer expectations for service levels
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement and trust
  • Collective bargaining requirements
  • Local, State and Federal Labor regulations
  • External factors influencing business in each location


Optimal productivity is the art—and science—of delivering the service your customers expect in the most cost effective way. We bring the added perspective of identifying efficiency opportunities that improve your bottom line while increasing your customers perception of value.


Smarter Productivity

When our consultants analyze your operation, they consider a broader set of factors to improve productivity: workforce, service levels and quality, processes, capacity, and external influences.

Performance data, workflow and staff skills are analyzed, but our consultants go further—from considering things like improving the use equipment and technology to get work done faster and easier to addressing issues affecting employee engagement.

The changes or improvements we recommend help your managers create tangible results, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Our consultants partner with your managers through the change management process, supporting them as they create lasting improvement in your operations

Benefits of Partnering with UniFocus:
  • Drive production to profitability
  • Facilitate an engaged and profitable workforce
  • Save money without sacrificing quality
  • Measurably Increase Asset Value
  • Achieving an ROI that measurably exceeds 100%

The Tools, Training And Expertise You Need For Smarter Labor Management

We give your managers what they need to make better decisions. Our unique platform uses smart technology to automate everything from planning and scheduling to managing time and attendance. Our solutions are designed to give them the real-time information they need to manage more effectively—from anywhere. They can do more with the staff they have—and get the feedback they need to enhance your customer’s experiences while working smarter. The result? Your managers improve your business.

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