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Survey Solutions

Let Immediate, Pertinent Data Guide Your Decisions

Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are two sides of the same coin, both crucial to your bottom line. Whether it’s solicited feedback or spontaneous online commentary, you need to know what your customers are saying and how it impacts your company’s online reputation. Equally vital is a thorough understanding of your workforce, their opinions and perspective, and how their attitudes impact customer satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction

Guest opinions are too critical to your business to rely on intuition and estimates. With GUESTScope, know what your customers are thinking and leverage critically ranked feedback to drive profitable business decisions.


Convert The Guest Experience To An Improved Bottom Line

The guest experience is fluid, placing critical importance on your ability to evolve alongside shifting guest preferences, expectations, and affinities. In the age of social media, that guest experience directly informs impressions that can make or break even the most established of businesses. To help you navigate those continually changing tides, GUESTScope, our guest satisfaction measurement tool, delivers the real-time feedback you need to understand the value of your guest offerings, identify areas of improvement, and get the greatest return on investment.

GUESTScope measures vital attributes of each customer’s experience, including their intent to recommend and their desire to return. Comment and Sentiment Analytics help you better understand your guests’ attitudes and needs. Results are critically ranked so you can immediately prioritize actions, eliminating hours of data analysis.

Likewise, our mobile-compatible Customer at Risk notifications and customizable email templates speed your response for the most direct and positive impact on guests. When time is of the essence and guest expectations rise by the day, immediacy and precision are critical to continually improve that ever-important guest experience.

Enterprises that couple GUESTScope with our employee engagement tool, STAFFScope, can also create a holistic picture of their workforce and its direct effect on customer satisfaction—a comprehensive view uniquely provided by UniFocus. The insights from a particular guest’s stay, including those gathered from the crucial social media environment, all translate to decisions that directly impact revenue and overall success, even within individual properties. Your locations aren’t uniform so neither should the decisions made for each. Reveal which issues warrant the most attention from every property to maximize actionable insights and results.

With GUESTScope, you can:
  • Understand data instantly with a dynamic, at-a-glance dashboard of all survey results
  • Better understand your guests’ specific needs, whether that’s a business person’s overnight stay or a week-long family vacation, through Comment and Sentiment Analytics
  • Prioritize actions based on critical ranking of key opportunities
  • Speed guest recovery with instant Customer at Risk email notifications that are compatible with any mobile device
  • Actualize revenue at risk based on guests’ recent experiences and intent to return
  • Review trending and multi-property ranking performance against company benchmarks
  • Comprehend competitive positioning and the price/value equation
  • Increase online travel reviews and easily share feedback on any site, from TripAdvisor to your company’s own website
  • Respond to guests more quickly and effectively with our Integrated Response System so no guest feedback ever slips through the cracks
  • Enhance satisfaction with multi-language support

Employee Engagement

Outdated information, infrequent reviews, and antiquated systems aren’t enough anymore. Better engage your team with real-time perspective on staff perceptions to drive your decision-making.


Engaged Employees Are Productive Employees

Engaged employees lead directly to satisfied customers, closing the loop on workforce optimization. Ours is the unique employee survey solution to provide a comprehensive view of your workers’ performance and perceptions, prioritizing issues based on ROI and identifying problems before they become systemic.

With STAFFScope, you’ll increase and sustain employee loyalty through productive feedback, innovative ideas, and strategies for improvement. The survey measures staff perceptions of key factors such as communication with management, training opportunities, and how valued they feel. These abilities are particularly crucial in today’s multi-generational workforce, as each generation brings its own set of needs and expectations to the workplace.

STAFFScope’s anonymous response mechanism increases an employee’s confidence in voicing their true opinions and ideas, helping management get to the heart of their concerns. Likewise, our analytics identify which issues are systemic to your organization and which are unique to an individual property, department, or team.

When coupled with our customer satisfaction measurement tool, GUESTScope, you’ll get a holistic picture of your workforce and its direct impact on customer satisfaction—a comprehensive view not available with any other survey solution.

With STAFFScope, you can:
  • Easily understand the driving forces behind a more engaged staff
  • Reduce turnover by quickly targeting key issues that impact staff attitudes
  • Identify key opportunities for fast and easy action planning
  • Drill down quickly at organizational, property and departmental levels
  • Track goals and action plans to help managers and employees achieve their potential
  • Leverage web-based surveys and reporting that are accessible across the organization
  • Perform dashboard reporting by company, region, property, department, and sub-department
  • Create a statistically valid sample of staff experiences
  • Enhance engagement with multi-language support

Meeting Insights

MEETINGScope instantly makes any meeting or strategy session more impactful with a shared perspective, clear goals, and stronger relationships. Close more business when everyone’s on the same page.


Translate A Better Meeting Experience To Growth And Revenue

MEETINGScope provides depth to every meeting, impact to each granular detail, and clarity that breeds efficiency and success. Our innovative meeting survey solution utilizes personalized feedback to manage relationships and communication, breeding success for all parties involved. It’s a unique and innovative solution within the marketplace, specifically designed to strengthen the relationship with the meeting planner.

Likewise, MEETINGScope provides unique insight into the individual expectations and needs from every meeting planner, clearly revealing their perspective and opinions across every stage of the event. The system’s proprietary Revenue at Risk analytics identify events and associated revenue potentially lost if expectations don’t align realized experience, impacting the results for all involved.

It’s market specific and proactive in its approach, equipping the meeting planner with essential factors and individual affinities or issues that maximize the impact of every experience. Rather than a simple rating system, MEETINGScope transforms feedback and insight into revenue drivers, an ability not found in any other meeting survey and feedback solution in the market.

With MEETINGScope you can:
  • Identify hot buttons to better understand meeting planners’ needs and close more business
  • Report on key opportunities that impact the intent to return and recommend
  • Gain cross-selling opportunities with Meeting Planner Profile, which houses all historical data and information specific to event contacts and meeting planners
  • Leverage deep data and analytics to create stronger outbound marketing plans directly with event and meeting planners
  • Assign the right personnel to the right events with survey results based on a specific staff member’s performance
  • Recognize performance and trending, specific to market segments and type of event
  • Enhance engagement with multi-language support
  • Gain unique insight into meeting and event planners’ expectations, needs, and perceptions fostering a mutually beneficial relationship and driving new business

The Tools, Training And Expertise You Need For Smarter Labor Management

We give your managers what they need to make better decisions. Our unique platform uses smart technology to automate everything from planning and scheduling to managing time and attendance. Our solutions are designed to give them the real-time information they need to manage more effectively—from anywhere. They can do more with the staff they have—and get the feedback they need to enhance your customer’s experiences while working smarter. The result? Your managers improve your business.