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Welcome to the most advanced, cloud-based labor management platform on the market today. We will help you solve complex demand forecasting, planning, scheduling, reporting and budgeting challenges to ensure you have the right staff in place at the right time. We provide advanced functionality and ease of use so you can connect your team and drive performance.

Access your business 24/7 and get real-time updates with predictive forecasting so you can consistently deliver superior service, ensure customer satisfaction and drive revenue while operating at a least-cost structure.


smart time clock

UniFocus’ innovative biometric, touch screen Smart Time Clock guarantees correct reporting, and saves your team time and money. Our easy-to-use, intuitive system will help your staff stay right on time.


Multi-Lingual Technology Saves Time and Money

The interactive functionality in multiple languages and the dependability of the biometric readers delivers labor cost reductions and improves employee productivity. UniFocus has partners in over 100 countries worldwide and is dedicated to assuring the privacy of all data with EU Safe Harbor certification. Each pay period more than ¼ million employees are scheduled weekly by over 9,000 managers globally.

Key Benefits of UniFocus’ Smart Time Clock:

  • Simplify Scheduling

  • Minimize overtime

  • Optimize productivity with real-time visibility and mobile application

  • Control and reduce operating costs with proactive overtime management

  • Ensure payroll accuracy and avoid costly compliance fees by minimizing errors with automated recording

  • Improve employee engagement with easy-to-use online communication portal and mobile application

  • Satisfy client demand and improve service quality with accurate scheduling

  • Multiple verification types: fingerprint unit, magnetic swipe, or pin code

  • Desktop or easily mounted (hardware included)

  • Up-to-date software technology that can operate with all work rule requirements (i.e., lockouts, grace period, tip reporting, punch warnings)

  • Available to employees in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Chinese, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

  • Customization and flexibility to meet unique business needs

manager portal

UniFocus’ integrated labor management solutions provide a new way to optimize workforce performance in a single screen.


Windows into your workforce with results you can pocket!

UniFocus’ integrated labor management solutions provide a new way to optimize workforce performance in a single screen. The manager portal brings together data and analysis with penetrating visibility allowing for more informed decision making to ultimately impact asset value.

  • Take control. Save money.

  • Work hard smart.

  • Customize without complication.

  • 360° Insight.

  • Dynamic Functionality.

  • We did the math. You just save.

attendance dashboard

Spend less time analyzing attendance data and more time with your customers with a simple but powerful tool that reduces operating costs and drives bottom-line savings. Attendance insights no longer must come at a cost.


Attendance Data Should Be a Guide, Not an Anchor

Our Attendance Dashboard puts all the information you need in one efficient, convenient tool that updates automatically. In-depth insights enable better collaboration and more informed decisions that ultimately impact your bottom line. Get attendance scoring with built-in disciplinary actions, and overlay pay dates and holidays on absenteeism trends by an employee. Combine and configure only the information you need—no more compiling data from separate systems and spreadsheets.

  • Eliminate calculation errors, reduce administrative costs and improve profitability, saving time and money.

  • See the trends and analysis of absenteeism, missed punches and more, at granular levels—property, department, and employee—for actionable measurements down to the dollar.

  • Spend less time analyzing and more time with your customers.

  • Leverage intelligent reporting and data-led evaluations to reduce operating costs and drive bottom-line savings.

  • Focus on growing your business with a mobile app that puts the power of your workforce in the palm of your hand.

mobile first

UniFocus’ cloud-based Mobile App allows employees to manage their schedules and gets managers out from behind their desks.


Put the power in their hands and you reap the rewards!

UniFocus’ cloud-based Mobile App allows employees to manage their schedules and gets managers out from behind their desks. It helps employees and managers communicate more effectively and cultivate customer relationships, while still meeting demand. This is a recipe for increased satisfaction and equates to a rise in your bottom line

  • Robust communication tool.

  • Employees easily manage their work life.

  • Proactive labor scheduling.

  • Monthly measurement means more accurate engagement readings.

the uniFocus difference

UniFocus leverages people analytics data to continually ensure your enterprise has immediate, pertinent information that support growth and, just as importantly, a robust and healthy culture.More than a technology provider, we partner with you on an ongoing basis to provide the tools and know-how to constantly raise the bar on your workforce performance—all while delivering service levels that meet or exceed your customer expectations.

  • Customer Perception
  • Team Engagement
  • Management Skills
  • Employee Skills
  • Service Standards
  • Financial Goals
  • Local Market Conditions
  • Higher Customer Return
  • Increased Revenue
  • Greater Profitability
  • Increased Asset Value