LTD Hospitality Group Leverages UniFocus as Labor Management Software Partner

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Leading workforce management provider, UniFocus, implements its state of the art Labor Management Software across LTD’s hotel portfolio to help manage a complex workforce.

DALLAS, TX— UniFocus, the leading hospitality provider of Workforce Management Systems, today announced its partnership with LTD Hospitality, a leading family-run hospitality network of hotels and restaurants, to bring a state of the art labor management solution to its workforce.

“We were blown away by UniFocus’ ability to deliver on all the key aspects we needed from a Labor Management platform and beyond, including its ability to manage elaborate schedules, cross-utilization and detailed food & beverage forecasting to name a few,” said Scott Farrar, Corporate Director of Operations at LTD Hospitality Group. “In addition, the swift implementation time along with continued support and training has made life infinitely easier for our management teams. UniFocus really ticked all the boxes for us.”

LTD had been searching for a replacement labor management software that could not only keep up with increasing demand, but also allow managers to easily integrate cross-utilization, streamline scheduling time by handling time input standards, meet labor scheduling and reporting needs and automate short-term forecasting. UniFocus was able to meet these needs, offering consulting services and a detailed reporting dashboard that included performance views of all properties. UniFocus swiftly implemented and successfully launched its offering, allowing LTD to see measured results early on in the partnership.

“Our partnership with LTD Hospitality Group is a natural continuation of our roster of outstanding partners,” said Mark Heymann, CEO and Founding Partner of UniFocus. “Encompassing both food & beverage and hospitality labor management capabilities, UniFocus’ dynamic software is well equipped to handle the diverse group of over 20 hotels and restaurants within the LTD Hospitality family. With COVID-safe, in-person onboarding and training we are excited to bring the LTD workforce up to speed quickly and efficiently to continue its success and improve overall business outcomes with efficient labor management.”



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UniFocus workforce management software provides all the tools you need to make labor force decisions with confidence.  We help you optimize your daily operations with powerful yet flexible tools.  Empower leadership and staff to create schedules that maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing wasted labor hours.  Better labor management for contingent workforces in the hospitality, restaurants, retail, and healthcare industries.  If you're in the market for a better WFMS, contact us today.


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