UniFocus Begins New Chapter with First Fitness Partnership

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Weight Room With VASA Fitness Logo and UniFocus Logo

Leading workforce management provider expands services beyond hospitality by helping VASA Fitness improve member experiences, cut labor costs and enhance operational efficiency


DALLAS, TX—UniFocus, the leading hospitality provider of Workforce Management Systems, today announced its expansion into an additional market through a partnership with VASA Fitness, one of the top 20 largest fitness club operators in the country. For the last 20 years, UniFocus has thrived as an industry leader for hospitality labor management systems, however the positive results of its VASA partnership show that the company’s innovative workforce optimization technology can serve alternative industries as well –particularly the fitness sector.UniFocus is suited for any industry that needs to adjust staffing levels based on demand.


“Our partnership with VASA Fitness has been exceedingly beneficial for both sides,” said Mark Heymann, CEO and Founding Partner of UniFocus. “It proves that our belief in the versatility of our workforce optimization expertise is accurate. As shown by your partnership with VASA, we are confident that our software and consulting services can provide a wide range of benefits for any staffing environment that relies on demand and other business variables. At UniFocus, we’re all about providing a great customer experience and maximizing labor resources.’


After integrating UniFocus’ labor management system across 45 clubs, VASA made a seamless transition from spreadsheet-based models to advanced workforce optimization technology; enabling the company to raise its labor standards and operate with a proactive approach to budgeting. As the software’s labor management features handled the heavy lifting, VASA simplified scheduling for General Managers and automated forecasting of peak service times to deliver better member experiences. GMs reduced their weekly time spent on scheduling from four hours to 30 minutes, which enabled them to focus on customer service, facility-wide cleanliness, and COVID-19 safety protocols.


“We were looking for a labor management system that could help us improve member experiences and meet labor goals,” said Troy Peterson, Chief Operating Officer at VASAFitness.“The UniFocus solution exceeded our expectations, arming our general managers with the right information in real-time to make better decisions and increase operational efficiency. The technology was easy to implement, and the consulting/training services taught our GMs innovative labor strategies that resulted in financial savings. We are looking forward to seeing the long-term impact our partnership has on our profitability.”


In December 2020, UniFocus announced a strategic partnership with The Riverside Company to fuel an expansion into new markets. Its latest results-driven partnership with VASA exemplifies UniFocus’ steadfast commitment to growth and sustained success through exceptional client service and a best-in-class workforce management solution.


About UniFocus


UniFocus workforce management software provides all the tools you need to make labor force decisions with confidence.  We help you optimize your daily operations with powerful yet flexible tools.  Empower leadership and staff to create schedules that maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing wasted labor hours.  Better labor management for contingent workforces in the hospitality, restaurants, retail, and healthcare industries.  If you're in the market for a better WFMS, contact us today.


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