UniFocus Launches Free Labor Management Training Program to Support Hospitality Industry Customers

Leading workforce management provider helps customers with labor management education and training to aid in pandemic recovery period

DALLAS, TX, May 11, 2021—UniFocus, the leading hospitality provider of Workforce Management Systems, today announced free training courses for its valued hospitality customers to continue to bolster its investment in its partnerships. The program will provide eight free classes available twice per month June through August. The courses will cover labor management, forecasting, labor analytics, guest satisfaction and other topics to help UniFocus customers improve employee productivity and operate successfully as they recover from the impact of COVID-19.


“After a tumultuous year, hotels and restaurants are finally getting back on their feet, but they’re now navigating a new industry environment with many new employees and managers,” said Mark Heymann, Co-Founder and CEO of UniFocus. “The reality is that many hospitality employees never returned to the industry following the pandemic’s mass layoffs, which has created a unique situation where staff training is critical. In an effort to aid in recovery efforts, we’re thrilled to offer free training to our customers as they welcome their guests back and embark upon a new chapter.”


The online classes will be offered through UniFocus University and will teach hospitality managers several key principles of labor management such as data analysis, forecasting, scheduling, reporting and best practices for using the UniFocus technology platform. Customers will receive simplified insights on UniFocus’ Time & Attendance, Labor Management Systems, and all relevant dashboards and portals.


“Whether they’re simply looking for a refresher or eager to gain a comprehensive foundation in labor management, our courses offer the insights that managers need in order to do their jobs well,” said Barry Kaplan, Senior Vice President of Organizational Development, UniFocus. “We’ve monikered UniFocus University as ‘U Squared’ because it helps our partners grow exponentially to run successful and productive operations, which is more important than ever as they rebound from the pandemic and begin to thrive again.”


Classes are available to UniFocus customers and will be free of charge through August 2021. Class topics include:


  1. Labor Forecasting for Success: The purpose of this course is to enable those responsible for forecasting with the knowledge necessary to determine the most accurate forecasting methodology. The course will also focus on the appropriate data collection needed to ensure forecast accuracy, as well as using environments to account for the anomalies (planned or unplanned) in the forecasting process.
  2. Time & Attendance for Managers: The purpose of this course is to enable new managers or refresh current managers to be able to track time and attendance figures, modify and approve employee punches, manage employee records, schedule labor and review Time & Attendance reports. This course will also teach the managers how to enroll employees and utilize the UniFocus Time Clock.
  3. Optimized Labor Scheduling: The purpose of this course is to utilize the principles of labor management to help new managers or refresh current managers' ability to perform daily and weekly activities associated with the use of the UniFocus Labor Management system to improve performance. A portion of this course will be devoted to teaching the managers how to read the Labor Standards configuration.
  4. Labor Analytics: The purpose of this course is to enable managers and corporate personnel to review data and analyze performance using the UniFocus Manager Portal, system reports and the Labor Management Dashboard.
  5. Driving Intent to Recommend: This course is intended to serve the needs of the Hospitality Industry by training executives and managers on how to compel their guests to recommend their hotel to others. The objective of this course is to acquaint each participant with the theory, tools, strategies and techniques necessary to garner guest “recommendations” for their property.
  6. Labor Budgeting for LMS Admins only: The purpose of this course is to enable those responsible to be able to configure and manage the Labor Budgeting module of the UniFocus Labor Management System.


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